T-Cha Mock Draft "Its Over 9000"

Hey sup fellow CincyJungle Members!!

Havent made a fanpost in sometime now; so just wanted to let ya know about some of the Mock Drafts I been seeing and looking at all the films and trending news from NFL Teams and needs of each team and the weaknesses and strengths and situation all across the boards..

Here's my Mock draft

Round 1 Pick #24: Bengals Trade This Pick (in my opinion)

Round 1 Pick #24: If No Trade The Bengals will have to pull the trigger early here on

The Cincinnati Bengals Selects Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech

-Fuller is the #3 rated CB on my list; if either Gilbert or Dennard falls at #24 then Fuller is expendable; but if both guys are gone before #24 we have to go with Fuller; who isnt much of a project and is technically sound in man-man coverage; because with the Hall injury we need someone who can come in and play on the outside the hash and in the slot versatility; watching his tapes, there were times he ran the route for the WR and he can anticipate the ball and the thrown and routes. I believe Fuller should get the nod here at #24



Round 2 Pick 55; Cincinnati Bengals Selects Marcus Martin C USC

- I think and we all know that Kyle Cook was average/above average at best; we all know that we needed an impact Center who can be dominant off the ball and push/create a hole in the middle for our RB's to run through; but recently we havent had the success running the ball up the gut lately; so adding a Center who can have played Guard also will be valuable here for us. (I would want Pollak to get a chance to start, but it's an open competition at Center this off-season)



Round 3 Pick 88; The Cincinnati Bengals Selects Antonio Richardson OT Tennessee

-Richardson here would be our new replacement of Collins for now and Whitworth in the near future; this is were we draft a swing Tackle who can play either side and can be a solid player in the future; having played some of the best DE/OLB in the country, this would be a great value pick here for the Bengals to shore up the Offensive Tackle position and the OL depth as a whole.



Round 4 Pick 123; The Cincinnati Bengals Selects Charles Sims RB West Virginia

-Sims will go along well with Giovani Bernard here; to give us a 1-2 punch in the running game where we can set the tempo, having Sims here makes BJGE "The Lawfirm" expendable; but Sims wont get the nod right away; will have to battle it out with Burkhead and Peerman for the spot and maybe we cut "The Lawfirm" depending on what happens, but nevertheless getting a power back here would be great for us having a lot of offensive weapons to support Dalton



Round 5 Pick 164; The Cincinnati Bengals Selects De' Anthony Thomas RB Oregon

-Thomas in the 5th round would be great; who is multidimensional on offense and special teams would greatly improve our return game and gadget plays that defenses doesnt expect much out of. This not only make Tate expendable but also gives us more threat on the return team as well too and field position will be key here as well. (And Yes I purposely picked out this picture because Fresno State was on there)



Round 6 Pick 199; The Cincinnati Bengals Selects Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee

-I think McCullers falls in the draft; I seen his tape and he takes some plays off and often plays too high (no not like that but in football terms) I understand that he's 6'7 and it's hard for him to get under smaller OL men and drive them back; but I think he would be a good pick-up here to add into certain situational passing downs



Comp Pick Round 6 Pick 212 The Cincinnati Bengals Selects Lavelle Westbrooks CB Georgia Southern

- I would love to pick up Colvin here but I think there's a chance he goes late 4th or 5th round before we pick so we have to go with a different CB; Westbrooks is a good lean and long defender who will fight for the ball; will be a project no doubt about it; being in a small conference but we can add some depth and youth onto special teams



Round 7 Pick 239 The Cincinnati Bengals Selects Marcel Jensen TE Fresno State

- I would take Jensen here with him falling; looking at his stats it wont WOW you in any way shape or form; being recruited by former Fresno State coach Pat Hill to be a go to TE; but with the changes at HC and philosophy the team changed into a no-huddle spread offense without much utilization for the TE; I believed Fresno State would have been a sleeper in the BCS Bowl if they had moved into a 3WR set with Burse ,Adams, And Harper and Jensen at TE would have the best receiving corp in my opinion; but with his Size we can use another Red Zone threat and an extra TE



Comp Pick Round 7 Pick 252 The Cincinnati Bengals Selects Marquis Flowers LB Arizona

- We add depth here to the LB corp which already have taken a few hit during FA with the release of James Harrison; but we have Burfict, Rey, Maualuga, Lamur, DiMache, Mays; adding some depth wouldnt hurt to a LB corp who need some competition



Also threw in my video from Fresno State Pro Day; Carr's Throwing; sorry for the bad vantage point it was hot and there was a lot of people so i needed a higher vantage point to record

Well, Im out leave a comment or start a debate or troll or just criticized me; but please do leave me some feedbacks!! Thanks and I'll try to do more

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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