2014 Bengals Mock Draft 3.0: No Bulldogs

Warning: I do not have anything against the University of Georgia, I just do not think there are enough Bulldogs in this draft that would intrigue the Bengals to make any of them a draft pick. That being said, please do not comment on how inaccurate my mock is based off of not having a Georgia player selected to the Bengals.

Round One

24.) the Cincinnati Bengals select Teddy Bridgewater-QB/Louisville (6'2'', 214lbs)


We all know the story. Almost sure fire #1 overall pick that was over analyzed in the combine process to where he might not be selected in the first round. Questions that have emerged over this time surrounding his ability in the NFL are his thin frame and an inaccurate deep ball (neither of which I would describe as a red-flag). In spite of the process, a few things remain consistent; he is the safest QB in the draft, his floor is average, his ceiling is elite, his accuracy is top-notch, and his awareness of the field is unmatched by any QB in this draft. So why do the Bengals take him? Simple: pressure Dalton, provide options after next year, and, most importantly, it prevents Dalton's contract numbers from getting too ridiculous (i.e. his asking price goes up if the Bengals don't take an early round QB).

Round Two

55.) the Cincinnati Bengals select Marcus Roberson-CB/Florida (6'0'', 191lbs)


Everyone that follows the draft knows the Bengals need a corner. With the best corner class in possibly a decade, I do not understand the urgency of taking one in the first round (especially if it means taking someone like Bradley Roby). Roberson was originally projected to be a 1st round pick after suspension and a PCL tear limited the Florida standout to just four games in 2013 (which he did not appear to be fully healed from his injury). To truly understand the impact he could have in the NFL, you have to watch his 2012 tape. A true lockdown corner, Roberson plays aggressively in coverage allowing minimal separation from the top WRs of the NFL draft process over the last few years (e.g. Mike Evans, Justin Hunter, Jordan Matthews, etc.). Also possessing great instincts and anticipation, Roberson can make tremendous plays on the ball that could make him an elite CB in this league. Besides the injury and potential character concerns that removed him from the field in 2013, his strength becomes a liability against the run as receivers are able to remove him from the play.

Round Three

88.) Cincinnati Bengals select Kelcy Quarles-DT/South Carolina (6'4'', 297lbs)


When Atkins went down, everyone in the NFL quickly found a weak spot in the Bengals defense. With the 2012 draft duo of Still and Thompson not playing up to expectation, it may be time for the Bengals to look for an appropriate replacement for Peko. Quarles may not be the best athlete or the fastest (and potentially benefited greatly from double and triple teams on Clowney), but his initial quickness, burst, hand placement, and strength (at the point of attack)always makes him a threat to make a play in the backfield. A great motor player with better potential, Quarles would become an instant contributor in the rotation and a likely candidate to break into the starting lineup in 2015.

Round Four

123.)Cincinnati Bengals select Travis Swanson-C/Arkansas (6'5'', 312lbs)


Another player whose stock drops because of the combine. Possessing a large frame, but less than ideal wingspan and upper body strength, Swanson was once considered a potential 1st round pick to early 2nd round pick. Swanson shows great technique, intelligence, and awareness of the field; however, could develop problems against speed rushers.

Round Five

164.) Cincinnati Bengals select Ka'Deem Carey-RB/Arizona (5'9'', 207lbs)


Two reasons why this could happen: the Bengals like a late round RB and at least one good back will go a lot later than expected (with the most likely being Carey). Best described as an elusive, finesse back (i.e. neither a power or speed back typically shown in a change of pace offensive style) that can be utilized in the passing game. Carey's high production at Arizona led to him being named twice as a first team All-American. Currently projected anywhere between the mid 2nd to the early 4th rounds, what makes Carey the most likely to drop is because of multiple factors. The biggest reason being that the media is probably underestimating how all the RBs are falling in this draft (i.e. the RBs are not as good as last year and the need for an RB has diminished greatly since last year's draft). Other factors for Carey's projected fall was the below-average performance at the combine, ball security, and several off the field issues prior to the 2013 season.

Round Six

199.) Cincinnati Bengals select Larry Webster-DE/Bloomsburg (6'6'', 252lbs)


Possibly one of the best athletes in the draft could also be described as its most raw project (some "experts" cannot even tell if he would be better suited as a DE or TE; answer being DE).Great production, tackling ability, and balance makes it hard to believe that Webster had only played two years of football. As with any raw player, Webster needs more experience on the field in order to improve. He will likely be a liability against the run in his first few seasons because of the lack of refinement in his technique and his overall lack in strength. Webster might also need a few seasons to truly develop multiple/effective pass rush moves. Webster could emerge as the biggest gem from the draft, which explains why a team could select him in this draft.

212.) Cincinnati Bengals select J.C. Copeland-FB/Louisiana State (5'11'', 271lbs)


Orson Charles should be on his way out of Cincinnati and we still wish we had the Terminator. A former DT, Copeland is a fear-inducing mauler that tries to demolish anything in his path. As some may expect (being a former DT), his blocking technique may not be as refined or he wont have much impact in terms of stats (when compared to other FBs in this draft); however, he always seemed to get the job done at LSU and could really help the running game.

Round Seven

239.) Cincinnati Bengals select Loucheiz Purifoy-CB/Florida (6'0'', 190lbs)


No hyp mock is complete without the Bengals taking Purifoy. After trending downward because of his combine performance, he was recently caught by police for possession of marijuana and, more importantly, bath salts; likely moving him towards the late section of the draft (if he will be drafted at all). His athletic ability and promise alone would have made him a 1st or early 2nd day pick, but now with problems related to off the field issues (as well as technical issues on the field), he might have been permanently removed from several teams draft boards.

252.) Cincinnati Bengals select Danny Kistler Jr.-OT/Montana (6'7'', 315lbs)


I predicted this to be the Alexander project in my previous mock and I'm sticking to it. An FCS All-American that is a mauler and asset in the running game. Along with his large frame, above average strength, and small school standing; Alexander will, at the minimum, be intrigued by the thought of developing Kistler. A negative in Kistler's game is his liability in the passing game. His footwork is also atrocious and usually reverts to chasing the quicker pass rushers instead of sliding his feet. This combined with sluggish lateral movements, usually results in above average pass rushers gaining the corner and disrupting passing plays multiple times throughout the entirety of a game.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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