Easter Mock Draft

24. Lamarcus Joyner - Florida State (CB, S, Returner)

Undersized, reach, blah blah... this guy is a playmaker that's extremely versatile. Can play CB, S, and returns kicks. All three are needs of the Bengals. I don't see this guy making it to 55 so we either trade back or pull the trigger. I wouldn't mind it at all because he comes in and would play immediately. This would also put heat on kirkpatrick to take his game to the next level. Additionally, this makes Tate expendable opening up a roster spot.

55. Jeremy Hill - LSU (RB)

The perfect 1-2 punch to add with gio. Comes in a contributes immediately. Hue's gotta love this guy.

88. Craig Loston - LSU (SS)

Another LSU product that would help transform our weakest position group. He hits hard, has great ball skills and makes huge plays. First down stops, INT's in the endzone, the guy is a game changer. The combination of Joyner and Loston added to the secondary would give us a new hard hitting tenacity with the opportunity for game changing plays at any moment.

123. Will Clarke - WVU (DE)

Clarke will provide great DE depth and push for playing time. He can rush from the inside and outside. Could be a 4th round steal.

164. Bryan Stork - FSU (C)

Dipping back into the FSU pool of talent. With not many teams in need of a center I can see one of the top-5 centers falling to the fifth. Stork has big game experience and would push for playing time as a rookie.

199. Justin Britt - Missouri (OT)

This is the one position I would have liked to address earlier but Britt in the late rounds seems like a solid depth pick. After all, we have our two starting tackles. Britt played in the SEC against the nations best pash-rushers and would get a chance to learn behind Whit and Smith.

212. Aaron Colvin - OU (CB)

Colvin is injured so he will likely slip into late rounds but should prove to be a solid NFL corner once healthy. This is a depth play and again provides youth to our aging secondary.

239. J.C. Copeland - LSU (FB)

Another LSU product, why not? Not to mention this guy already has experience paving the way for Jeremy Hill. A pick this late that can make the roster is always a smart move.

252. Tevin Reese - Baylor (WR)

At this point, it is going to be tough for anyone to make the roster so why not take a speedy WR from a high-powered offense? Possibly the Baby Hawk replacement? He would push Sanu and Dane for time in the slot.

UFA: Continue the UFA Linebacker trend and continue to find beasts that go un-drafted. (Burfict, Lamur, DiManche)

As you can see I didn't take a QB. I'm not a big fan of Dalton but I'm also not a fan of any of this years QB's outside of the top-5. Mettenberger has appeal but his stock continues to rise. For those that really want a QB, I guess I would do it in the second or third but would much rather have Hill/Loston. Dalton is going to play this year regardless so we can always wait and draft a better QB next year if Dalton continues to struggle.

-If you want a QB, what QB and in what round?

I took quite a few players from LSU/FSU which have played against tough competition and in HUGE games. After all, we need guys that can step up in the BIG Games.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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