Quit mock drafting the Bengals like you own the team!



You, I and we are not Owners nor GM's of the Bengals team. We are just fans. Damn stout ones considering our history. What bothers me about all the Mock Drafts that I see every year ( I've even seen one that was 4.1 this year?) is this. Everyone is mocking this draft as if they were the GM of the Bengals. My Grandmother had a saying: "If if's and buts were candy and nuts, we would all have a merry Christmas". We don't own this team. That being said " whats do we think is really gonna go down. We who really follow the Bengals on this website ( by which I mean all of us) have learned how the Bengals draft these days. So...... What do we know they do?

  • The Bengals will not draft the first round by need. They are one of the deepest teams in NFL. Top 8....feel free to dispute. Bring facts cause...Carson left and they took a wide-out before a QB, and waited,hoping that their guy would fall to them. A chicken before the egg kind of thing in my mind since there were QB's out there. From the unrealistic ( Manning) to realistic (Alex Smith) and the draft.
  • The Bengals love going BPA... (as THEY judge them ) : A.J, Eifert, Gio, Shipley, Hunt, Geno and Dunlap. No complaints.
  • Unless the Bengals front office and coaching staff are abducted by aliens in mass, there will not be a QB drafted in the first 2 rounds. Which is a good thing. Believe me,I have my problems with Andy, ( crazy throws to the sidelines for interceptions) but tell me.... Who out of this years draft (and free agents) do you think STARTING.. from day ONE could put up identical numbers to Andy's 3 years?... I would take Andy over RG3 any day. Dalton is a better QB and has a higher football IQ in my mind than RG3. ( p.s. - I am black ... just for people who would might take this in a racist way). And Dalton's down sides are mostly mental. ( Just as a note: If it takes time for me to respond to your replies, I work a 4-3 shift. I am not hiding from this statement, I will respond as work allows.
  • HUE JACKSON has stated as the Bengals offensive coordinator ( who is now auditioning for a head coaching job wherever ). That " We will run more and get back to basics".
  • I have no idea who the Bengals will draft in the first 2 rounds in 2014. I do know who I would like them to draft. ( Don't we all.) But seeing what we know as Bengal hardcore fans who: 1- know football, 2-know the Bengals as we do and 3- know what we are lacking.) WHY do I not see any post on the Bengals drafting Carlos Hyde from OSU.

sorry bout the cut and paste.

Law Firm, Gio and Hyde.

    • This would be Old AFC NORTH. ( Don't ever forget who made us! )
    • This is who the Bengals need to get, preferably trade down in the first round. for an extra pick. ( I don't think he will make it to the 2nd round, but who am I?).

    • Feel free to COME BACK AT ME. Just stay classy. If Chilli Dog can take it so can I.

    • Sorry about the errors. I am a hardware geek, not a software geek. (My wife loves that bout me. Plus, its my first post).

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