Mason Prophater Final NFL Mock Draft of the Offseason


I believe I have only done two of these so far, but here is my final Mock Draft before the real one occurs. Normally, I had been using to do my mock drafts, but they have not updated their site as of recently and so thanks to @JoeGoodberry he directed me to Fanspeak's "On the Clock" Mock Draft site.

Side Note: If you really enjoy player analysis and draft board's go check out Joe Goodberry's here: Joe Goodberry's 2014 NFL Draft Spreadsheet

Okay well I am going to use the notes on each player from Goodberry's draft sheet and maybe a little of my own reasoning as well:

Rd. 1 - CB Jason Verrett - TCU - His greatest assets are his zone skills, awareness, athleticism, physicality, and aggressiveness, while his biggest concerns are his size and aggressiveness. If Verrett was 2" taller, he'd be a top 10 lock. He has the athleticism, speed, intelligence, demeanor and plays an intensity.

Verrett is as physical of a CB you'll find at the collegiate level. Super-aggressive. Now, I could have gone Kyle Fuller or Dennard here and both would have been fine, but I don't think Dennard will grow much more.

Kyle Fuller on the other hand will and he is a beast in man coverage. I feel we play a little more zone so I gave Verrett the nod, but either could have been chosen here in my opinion. The Best Comparison here is Antoine Winfield.

Rd. 2 - DE Scott Crichton - Oregon St. - His greatest assets are his versatility, toughness, run defense, and interior pass rush, while his biggest concerns are his size, being a tweener DE/DT, and leverage. Crichton's motor runs hot every play.

He moved all over the Oregon State DL from DE to NT to 5-tech, 3-tech and even dropped into coverage. He needs some hand-placement work, but he's a 3-down contributing player. With as much as they used Wallace Gilberry last year and how much they love versatility on this team, I think this would be a great pick.

I am also under the belief that though it would be nice to have more of an outside pass rusher, that Margus Hunt is a very gifted and smart guy who will continue to grow into a solid, if not phenomenal player now that it is more of his role to take than play from the bench. The Best Comparison here is in fact our very own Wallace Gilberry.

Rd. 3 - C Marcus Martin - USC - He is the most gifted center in the class. Best athlete of the bunch and strongest on the field. Very raw at center and it shows as he gets turned around too often. However, I think he has a ton of room to grow and a high intensity level for a C.

I saw a lot of growth in him over the past season and think that incline will continue at the next level. I like what I saw of Mike Pollak last season in his limited amount of time at Guard, however, I have not seen him play center and am a bit weary, which is why I chose center early with this limited draft of them.

Maybe a little too early, but I am in the camp that thinks Kyle Cook, Trevor Robinson, and probably Mike Pollak wont cut it. The Best Comparison here is Eric Wood.

Rd. 4 - LB/S Dion Bailey - USC - His greatest assets are LB/S versatility, awareness, and football IQ, while his biggest concerns are his lack of safety experience, and average athleticism. I liked some of what Taylor Mays did in his limited time as a LB/S, and also know that we have Emmanuel Lamur who plays a similar role.

However, because the Bengals love versatility and because we play a lot of nickel, I think this is a great addition to add to the team. Probably could have held out til fifth round and grabbed a QB or a RB, but I think Andy deserves one more year after that debacle of play-calling the past two years and you will probably like my RB pick.

Rd. 5 - RB Storm Johnson - UCF - His greatest assets in my opinion (compared to the other ones prior being from Joe Goodberry) are his vision, power, and footwork, while his biggest concerns are him being stood up too often, not always as downhill a runner as I would like.

Storm is a beast of a mission to get down though, when full steam ahead, and can be quite slippery. He is always pumping his legs and has great patience when it comes to choosing the correct hole.

On top of that he is a lot more versatile than some think as he has great hands, which in my opinion puts him above a guy like BJGE (who actually like) as he can be paired with Gio and you don't know who may get it. My Best Comparison of him is probably an Alfred Morris type.

Rd. 6a - DE/LB/S Kevin Pierre-Louis - Boston College - His greatest assets are his athleticism, intensity, and versatility, while his biggest concerns are his strength and size. Maybe, at best, KPL is only a Nickel LB, but I want him on my team in that role.

He's a great athlete and is always in on the play. BC moved him all over from LB to DE to deep safety. He's a defensive gadget player. Now at the time I chose Dion Bailey, I had completely forgotten about KPL, so I almost wish I would have grabbed an OT or something, however, KPL is a guy that can play literally ALL OVER THE FIELD and he has a nose for wherever the ball is or is going.

He is a smart guy. I think he has a ton of upside to him as long as he can stay healthy in the NFL. I dont think, even if the Bengals did get Dion, that they would regret this pick here also. I dont have a comparison here as he is one of the most unique players I have seen.

Rd. 6b - QB Keith Wenning - Ball State - His greatest asset is his deep accuracy, while his biggest concern is his arm strength, athleticism, and lack of competition. Wenning is the best pure passer in this draft.

He's accurate at all levels of the field and he's the only QB I can say that about. He doesn't have the biggest arm, isn't very mobile and played at Ball State, so he's a QB I would love to take late in the draft. Now before everyone goes off on me and asks why take another guy with an average arm, I will tell you that this guy can sling it down field with precision.

I almost feel like he has a strong arm, but compensates sometimes on the short and intermediate passes to account for accuracy. If he can build up his strength and keep his accuracy all over the field, then I think he could be a quality starter for a team. He seems to show a high football IQ and reading defenses as well, but him playing at Ball State is cause for concern. The Best Comparison here is Phillip Rivers.

Rd. 7a - WR Damian Copeland - Louisville - His greatest assets are his playmaker/clutch mentality and his ball skills, while his biggest concerns are his route limitations at UofL. I think Damian is a guy who could slip right into the slot position. I got to see him play a lot as my brother has season tickets for UofL and I saw this guy make play after play after play on 3rd down conversions. He always seemed to make a play at the right time.

Rd. 7b - FB Jay Prosch - Auburn - His greatest assets are strength, blocking-vision for both run support and pass protection, and he has good hands and feet, while his biggest concerns are his short arms and elusiveness. I think for the way Hue is going to be doing things, we need a solid FB.

I have always been in the same mindset as Hue in that running the ball opens the pass and limits mistakes from your QB. He also has pretty good hands as a receiver I would like to have either Jay or another FB Trey Millard here. My Comparison here is Vonta Leach here, but with less athleticism.


Alright guys, well feel free to criticize and scrutinize it all you want as long as it is an educated argument. I am always open to discussion and that is part of why I love mock drafts. I would give this draft a B in my opinion with a major miss on Dion Bailey and maybe Keith Wenning, but I am bias and those are never good rounds for the Bengals usually anyways haha

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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