BLee2525 Mock Draft 4/26

Here's my 7-Round Mock Draft using the FanSpeak Website.....

1) Stephon Tuitt - DE/DT - Notre Dame - OK, so this is a huge reach on the FanSpeak rankings, but I think he's a great mix of need, value, and scheme fit for us. This coaching staff has shown an affinity for big, athletic DE's who can play both the run and the pass. Tuitt checks off all those boxes with authority, making him a perfect replacement for MJ93 at End. As an added bonus, he's shown the ability to kick inside to DT on passing downs, which will help decrease our reliance on the declining Domata Peko and the unproven Devon Still and Brandon Thompson. He's got the size, the athleticism, the production, and the need is there. What's not to like here?

2) Jimmy Garoppolo - QB - Eastern Illinois - Call it Andy Dalton Insurance. The physical tools look to be there, he was insanely productive at the 1-AA level, and he has the single most underrated trait possessed by great QB's: a lightning-quick release. We have the luxury of giving him a 1-year internship to adjust to the NFL level of competition, and he gives us options if Dalton has another up-and-down campaign, and/or if he decides to hold out for Joe Flacco-money.

3) David Yankey - OG - Stanford - Another guy who fits the coaching staff's preference for big, physical offensive linemen. Zeitler and Boling have both been good, but have dealt with some injury issues, and Boling's level of production seems to have dropped as his snap count has increased. With AC gone, it won't be as easy to slide Big Whit to Guard next season, so I'll take this guy to back up both Guard spots this year, with an eye on a potential starting spot in the future.

4) Marcus Roberson - CB - Florida - At this point in the draft, everybody has warts, and Roberson is no exception. He's had some durability questions, and his tackling is poor right now. But, he's got ideal size for the position, good ball skills, and good agility. With a solid, though aging, Cornerback group, I'll take the guy with the measurables who needs some coaching-up over the low-ceiling, low-floor guy.

5) Aaron Colvin - CB - Oklahoma - A slightly smaller, better-tackling version of Roberson, including the durability concerns. Hopefully, with these two picks plus Kirkpatrick, we end up with two starter-quality CB's who can take over for Newman and Jones in the near future.

6a) Tevin Reese - WR - Baylor - Lightning-quick, rail-skinny wideout who can take over for Baby Hawk in the slot immediately. Averaged 19.4 yards per catch over his final 3 seasons with the Bears, including 22.8 last season. He doesn't seem to have Hawkins's ability to make tough catches over the middle, but if he can work through traffic, he has the speed and quickness to take any ball he touches to the house.

6b) Preston Brown - LB - Louisville - Big hitter who can contribute immediately on Special Teams, and has the potential to develop into a downhill run-stuffer from the MLB position. As a bonus, he's a local product, from Cincinnati Northwest HS.

7a) Justin Britt - OT - Missouri - Another Big Nasty for the O-Line at 6'6", 325#. Developmental guy who's going to need some technique coaching after playing his entire college career in Gary Pinkel's spread.

7b) Aaron Lynch - DE - S.Florida - Anybody drafted in this spot will be something of a long-shot to make the roster, so I'll take the elite natural athlete and hope the defensive coaching staff is able to get the production to match up with the potential.

You may now commence ripping me apart!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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