Mason Anderson Prophater's Mock Draft 4/27

Mason Anderson Prophater's Cincinnati Mock 4/27 (Literally)

So I had technically decided to post my last Fanpost Mock, but since there is a thing going on by Jason Marcum being requested of all of us, I decided to do another on Fanspeak and took a slightly different approach to my last one and this one will for sure be my last one posted. Positions are similar, but value is different. I actually think I like this one a bit better.

24 – CB KYLE FULLER – VIRGINIA TECH – Easily the best man coverage cornerback in the draft. I am in agreement with Joe Goodberry here in saying that he actually runs most of the routes for the WR, which both tells me he has a great understanding of his opponents from film study, and he has great reaction and ball skills. Would love to have either him, Jason Verrett, or Dennard here. Kyle Fuller is a technician, a lot like Leon Hall.

55 – DE DEMARCUS LAWRENCE – BOISE STATE – I really like this guy. He has great speed off the edge and has a quick first step. Not only that, but he is very good with his hands always working. He can slide inside as well, which the Bengals love to have. I think he adds a lot of value at this pick and could start from day one as MJ’s replacement. He is a lot like Elvis Dumervil.

88 – RB JEREMY HILL – LSU – Hue Jackson wants to run the ball more and though I like Bennie and what solid contributions he has given to this team, I think it is time to replace him with a bull, hard nosed, nasty attitude of a running back who is really difficult to bring down. Not only that he has solid catching ability too. A lot of people say he was helped with good FB play, but from all the things I watched of him, there were many of times even behind the line of scrimmage he would be hit, not go down, and make a positive or even break out play of it, which reminded me a of a guy like Marshawn Lynch, who coincidentally had off field issues just like Jeremy. As it has been said the big thing with Jeremy is his character issues, but I believe the Bengals have enough guys in that locker room to really help him stay in check. Guys like Adam Jones, Andrew Whitworth, Vontaze, etc. I think if this guy can keep his attitude and shenanigans in check off the field, and use all that swag and anger on the field, he could be a big contributor right away. I too think that they should use Rex Burkhead more this season and have a three headed monster in Hill, Gio, and Burkhead. That is just me. Jeremy Hill reminds me a lot of Marshawn Lynch, not a perfect comparison, but best I can think of.

123 – QB AARON MURRAY – GEORGIA – I am not trying to run Andy out the door just yet as I think he may show a little more this season with the way Hue is going to demand greatness from him, while limiting his chances for mistakes. Think Hue is wanting to make Andy more of a field general than a superstar, which I think Andy can live up to. Utilizing the talent around him while keeping him comfortable will be key and I think Hue will do that. However, I do think this draft has a lot of solid QB options and if Andy cannot be a field general and make the most of all the talent around him, I believe Aaron Murray can, as he did it all his collegiate career. College is different than NFL yes, but it seems like smart guys with great work ethic translate well into the NFL and that is what Aaron Murray is. If Aaron can stay healthy he will be starting somewhere and I would be okay with it being in stripes. Aaron Murray is a lot like Andy Dalton, but seems to be a bit less antsy in the pocket, which is Andy's biggest concern for me as it disrupts his concentration when reading the defense.

164 – OT AUSTIN WENTWORTH – FRESNO STATE – First and foremost this guy loves to hit people and has a grittiness to him which I love. He also has versatility, which the Bengals would love in him. From what I have seen, if this guy gets his hands on a defender on the inside, there is no getting away. He has very good footwork, great athleticism for his size, and never seems to be confused. He also never gives up on a play or block, even if it is a run or pass away from his side of the ball. He can get to the second level if need be, but needs some work there. The guy reminds me a lot of how Whit plays really and could be a good solid underling to him until it is time to take over. Wentworth though he reminds me of Andrew Whitworth (coincidence of similar names.... I think not), also reminds me of Logan Mankins with him being versatile on the line as well.

199 – WR MIKE DAVIS – TEXAS – This guy is a solid down field receiver who has great hands. I know and am in the same boat in thinking that Cobi Hamilton could help contribute, but if not this guy is a next man up who I think could a solid #3, #4, or #5 guy. So getting him this late in the draft is not going to hinder the Bengals draft if he does not work out. You don’t want to waste a pick and don’t think he is, but dont think it would hurt us if he doesnt work out either. Mike Davis reminds me a lot of Mike Wallace in how plays, just needs some work in the NFL.

212 – C GABE IKARD – OKLAHOMA – Though there is far and few Centers in this draft I really like what I saw from this guy. He has great footwork in which he uses to mimic the opposing DTs and can use his body to hold off any pass rush. He needs to add some upper body strength for run support, but that can come with pro weight lifting experience. I think he could actually start as the Center in the next year or two.

239 – OLB DENICOS ALLEN – MICHIGAN STATE – This guy just has a nose for the ball, whether in the backfield, in the air, wherever. He has a lot of athleticism that he uses to do well in coverage. He also rarely misses tackles from what I saw as he has long arms and strong hands. His biggest concern for me is his height, but he is a good size weight wise. I didn’t watch a lot of him, but from what I saw he could be a very solid pick at this spot in the draft and may become a diamond in the rough like Tez (though everyone knew Tez was good, he was just an attitude liability). Denicos Allen reminds me a lot of James Harrison and how he plays downhill and well in space.

252 – FB JAY PROSCH – AUBURN – Finally, I will say what I said of this guy in my last mock draft. This guy is ridiculously strong and has great hands out of the backfield if need be, and even greater, he has great vision on paving a way for whoever is running behind him. I Think Hue gets the last pick of the draft and having a Road Plow like this guy is exactly what he will be looking for. JC Copeland would be a solid pick too, but he was gone by this point and I would take Prosch above a guy like Trey Millard. Trey Millard may be an UDFA option if one is not drafted. Jay Prosch reminds me a lot of Vonta Leach, just slightly less athletic.

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