Lightskin 350 Mock draft 4/29

The object of any draft is to get 3 starters out of your draft class by the time their rookie contracts are up. The Bengals have been very good at this and if the draft unfolds like below there will be a lot of happy Bengal fans. WHO DEY!!

1st round: Anthony Barr (LB) 6'5 255. Both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay has Barr dropping pass the Bengals at 24. I think the Bengals would be crazy to pass Anthony Barr up. He has only played LB for a couple of seasons but this kids upside is through the roof. His acceleration of the snap rivals that of Clowney and Dee Ford and when he hits he hits with bad intentions once knocking out rival starting QB Matt Barkley for the remainder of his college career in 2012 as well as the starting QB for New mexico St in 2013. The reason Barr is dropping is he needs to get stronger in the run game but with a little seasoning and getting a little stronger Barr would give the Bengals a nasty pass rush with Atkins and Dunlap.

2nd round: Marcus Martin (C) At 6'3 320, Martin has the size needed to play C in the rugged AFC NORTH. New OC Hue Jackson wants to get back to running the ball with a nasty mentality. Had Jay Gruden had this mentality our playoff record might look a little different. Martin has to get better in pass protection but he is a very good run blocker who is capable of getting to the second and third levels of defenses. Martins best asset is his ability in short yardage situations. Marcus Martin will be a huge upgrade over Kyle Cook. Winning games in the AFC NORTH are won in the trenches and Martin gets us closer to repeating as division champs.

3rd round: Dontae Johnson (CB) 6'2 200, Johnson is the best CB that you have never heard of. At 6'2 he has exceptional size for the position and at the combine Johnson ran a impressive 4.45. Johnson can play inside or out which is a luxury for good defenses. Despite being 6'2 Johnson can bend and run and if he is on the board in the 3rd I would love for the Bengals to grab him. Offers great value in the third round.

4th round: Will Sutton (DT) 6'1 303, The coaches at Arizona St asked Sutton to get bigger and he did and his play suffered in my opinion. He still recorded almost 14 tfl and 4 sacks not bad for a DT. Sutton played in the senior bowl at 315 and did not really impress but at his pro day he was right around 300 and he looked a little more explosive in his drills. I like Suttons upside. Despite having a off year he was still awarded as the best defensive player in the Pac-12. Opposing coaches know that Sutton when he is right is a disruptive force at the DT position and players like that are worth their weight in gold on the next level. Sutton would be a absolute steal in the third or fourth round.

5th round: Seantrel Henderson (T/G) at 6'7 330 is a monster of a man. Henderson was thought to be the best (HS) player coming out when he went to U$C but after a transfer and suspensions Henderson had absolutely dropped off the NFL radar. Seantrel Henderson has loads of talent if he ever can get his act together. The Bengals are not afraid to gamble on players like Henderson this late in the draft. I think that Seantrel can be a great OG because of how athletic he is despite his size. He can be a powerful run blocker once he gets his hands on you. Paul Alexander took a project like Anthony Collins and made him into a above average LT. Coming out at this same point I think Henderson has way more talent than Anthony Colinns did and Henderson is just waitng for the right coach to get that talent out of him. He is the classic boom or bust player.

6th round: Max Bullough (MLB) 6'3 250. Max is a terror in the run game who will run up and thump you. In the same breath he is not very good in coverage. He can't turn and run like you would like your starting mike to be able to do but he can be a very good special teams player or a decent 2 down linebacker. Bullough hurt his draft stock a little because he was suspended for Michigan State in the Rose Bowl. His play fell off from 2012 but at this point in the draft Max is worth the gamble.

6th round (comp), Vinnie Sunseri (SS) 5'11 220, I thought Sunseri got some bad advice because he should have went back to Alabama for one more season. Sunseri season ended because of a knee injury. He lacks the ideal size you want in a S but he will hit you. Great in the run game but needs to get better in pass coverage. Average speed. Could be great on special teams and is decent value at this point of the draft.

7th round: Stephen Morris (QB) 6'2 215, Morris has one of the stronger arms in this quarterback class. There is not one pass that Morris can't make. His play at the senior bowl I felt really hurt his draft status. Morris is not a very accurate QB usually right around 58% but he is a good runner when he needs to but is a project with decent upside. Needs to be in a west coast offense. Could develop into a nice back-up in a couple of seasons.

7th round (comp), James Wilder (RB) 6'3 235, Wilder is a power back and the Bengals need one. I would love for the Bengals to maybe draft a RB sooner, someone to replace BJGE and more important get rid of his salary off the books for 2014. Its clear that the team is going to give Gio the majority of playing time and there is no point paying Ellis more than Bernard to be his back up. Wilder is not fast but he still averaged seven yards a carry last year. Wilder could be a great short yardage back or goal line runner.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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