Are you bored with Fanspeak and First-pick mock drafts?

I decided to test out the mock engine over at DraftTek. Which produced some interesting results on my settings. This draft engine is a little different and a little more intensive. I'll list a quick reference step list:

1) Click Re-Edit Custom Inputs

2) Select Change More Inputs

3) At this point, you'll want to edit the priority codes for any team you're drafting for. Offense Needs and Defense Needs are separate buttons. 1 is the highest priority in the team draft. You are allowed only one number 1 priority selection. You can enter multiples of any other number. Number 9 is the lowest priority and effectively turning off that draft position for the team you have selected.

4) Select a priority code on the right side Priority Codes box, left click the Position Box for your edited team. Wait a second for the new number to register.

5) When done, click Proceed. The Lockout List can be used to load specific players into round selections.

6) Click Proceed again. At this point, turn off "Include DraftTek baseline Grabs and Lockouts." If you fail to do this, the simulator will run with the Drafttek defaults and none of your changes from steps 1 through 5 will be used.

How did my first attempt at DraftTek's Mock engine go for the Bengals?

Round Pick Team Selection Psn School CRI Delta ReachValue

1 24 Cincinnati Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech P1 -6 Reach

2 55 Cincinnati Morgan Moses OT Virginia P3O +16 Value

3 88 Cincinnati Chris Smith DE43 Arkansas P2 +16 Value

4 123 Cincinnati Craig Loston SS LSU P3 -19 Reach

5 164 Cincinnati Kadeem Edwards OG Tennessee State P3 -12 Reach

6 199 Cincinnati Jay Prosch FB Auburn P3 -11 Reach

6 212 Cincinnati Jimmy Garoppolo QB Eastern Illinois P4 +18 Value

7 239 Cincinnati Tim Jackson DE34 North Carolina P4R +1 Value

7 252 Cincinnati Andre Hal CB Vanderbilt P4R +4 Value

Three CBs were gone before the #24th pick, which left my number 1 CB priority forcing a reach. I should have set this for a #2 priority, then the mock engine would have taken BPA into the equation. Had I used 2,3,3 at the CB, DE, and OT priorities ranges, Taylor Lewan OT would have been the Bengals pick at #24 in my draft.

As this draft broke down, Fuller had been the only CB available to the Bengals with less than a double digit reach factor in the entire draft. Ultimately, landing Fuller at 24 wasn't a horrible mistake. The Bengals reached a bit in the 4th and 5th rounds, while the Bengals remaining rounds left me stunned by their successful picks. Give DraftTek a chance and see what your own results are. This is a different type of mock draft simulator with a few new bells and whistles.

Source: DraftTek

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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