Bengals314 Mock draft 4/30

I used the fanspeak board.

24 - Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

  • On field - Verrett was co Big 12 player of the year and has been dubbed as potentially the best cover corner in the draft.
  • Combine - His combine results were outstanding placing in the top four of all cornerback participants in the 40, vertical leap, broad jump, shuttle, and 3 cone.
  • Makes sense - By now we all know the Pacman and Newman are old, Leon Hall is coming off injury, and Dre Kirk is leaning more towards bust than boom. Big corners like Richard Sherman are a fluke. Yeah, Verrett is undersized and may have trouble stopping jump balls to Calvin Johnson, but other than that he is the best corner in the draft this year and a steal at 24

55 Antonio Richardon, OT, Tennessee

  • First off, I would love to trade out of this pick more than anything. To me, there are no prospects ranked 50-80 that deserve a second round selection. I think the Bengals could trade back and still get Richardson in the mid third round and add a fourth or fifth round selection as well.
  • On Field - Earned Second Team ALL SEC as a sophomore. After surgery played less than 100% his junior year, but still earned LT starting job over RT JaWuan James. The same JaWuan James who is being consistently mocked higher than Richardson for some reason.
  • Combine - Richardson is HUGE, 336. And his combine results weren't great, but taking a little more time to be healthy, his pro day numbers were very impressive. Compared to others combine numbers, he benched the most, 3rd in the vertical leap, and 3rd in the broad jump. His shuttle and 3-cone weren't as impressive, but luckily for left tackles they don't run a whole lot.
  • Makes sense - Whitworth is getting old and the need for a left tackle will be glaring as soon as next year. Richardson is a very underrated prospect worth grabbing in the mid-third. Selecting LT now gives him a year to learn the system.

88 Andre Williams, RB, Boston College

  • On Field - Led nation in rushing yards, finalist for Heisman, and won Doak Walker award.
  • Combine - He is the third largest running back in the draft at 230 and has strong legs posting top five in both the vertical leap and broad jump.
  • Makes sense - BenJarvis makes 3 million dollars a year. As we have seen almost any running back can come in and shine in the right system. Andre Brown(Giants), Howling(Arizona), Jennings(oakland) , Powell (NYJ). Williams is a big, physical, between the tackles running back that can replace the Law Firm and save the bengals 2.5 million a year. Forward that $$ right to AJ, Burfict, or Dalton. Also, Gio needs a big back to work with.

123 Jeff Jannis, WR, Saginaw Valley State

  • Players drafted on day 3 are unlikely to be long term starters in the NFL. I began to concentrate more on impressive combine numbers and figure out who could be the hidden gems.
  • On Field - Led Division 2 in receiving yards for with 1,600 and followed that with a 1,500 yard season.
  • Combine - TALL AND FAST! 6'3" 220 and a 4.42 40. AND QUICK! 6th in the shuttle and 2nd in the 3 cone. All WR's who ran those events faster were under 6 feet tall.
  • Makes sense - I'm not saying he is going to be the next amazing wide receiver. But putting another tall, fast, quick receiver across from AJ Green could potentially cause a great deal of stress for opposing defenses. If it doesn't work out then Marvin Jones is still there. If it does we have our Roddy White to our Julio Jones. That comparison is a Big reach, but that's what a 4th round draft pick should be.

164 Tyler Starr, OLB, South Dakota

  • On Field - Won the Missouri Valley Conference Defensive Player of the Year in 2013 with 71 tackles, 15 for loss and 9 sacks. Wait, what conference? I don't know either, but his on field production was great and he couldn't control the competition. So ... lets look at his combine numbers.
  • Combine - Like Anthony Barr and Khalil Mack has OLB size at 250 lbs. His forty time is not stellar (but neither was Vontaze's and linebackers rarely get to FULL speed) But, he is quick and can get to the quarterback fast! He finished 3rd in the shuttle just above Mack and Barr(4th and 5th) and finished 1st in the 3- cone.
  • Makes sense - The bengals have ZERO outside linebackers. Burfict, Maualuga, and Vincent Rey are all technically inside linebackers. AND they are all pretty slow. This gives the Bengals a true outside linebacker who can get to the QB. Starr lacks elite upper body strength, but has the quickness and ideal size to fit the role.

199 Corey Linsley, C, Ohio State

  • On Field - Team Captain and started all 14 games for Ohio State.
  • Combine - Was the lightest Center at the combine. That doesn't sound great, but he is just 2 pounds lighterthan the 2 round rated Weston Richburg. And he made up for his strength by posting the most benches presses amongst centers, and second overall amongst lineman.
  • Makes Sense - This fills a need at Center with the Benglas dropping Kyle Cook. Linsley is a team Captain and leader and he is strong. The Bengals can risk a 6th round pick to see if Linsley could be our Center replacement.

212 Damian Copeland, WR, Louisville

  • On Field - Teddy Bridgewater's number one target the past two seasons. For a QB that's dropping down the draft boards, maybe he was carried by his receivers?
  • Combine - Doesn't have elite straight line speed running a 4.5 40. But he has the quickness and shiftiness the Bengals need at slot receiver. Posted the second fastest shuttle behind first round Brandin Cooks. And posted the fastest 3-cone drill time amongst all WRs.
  • Makes sense - The Bengals want a WR to replace Baby Hawk. Here's your quick WR to run your digs, slants, and bubble screens closer to Andy.

239 Tenny Palepoi, DT, Utah

  • On Field - Second Team All Pac-12 and third on his team in tackles for loss and sacks.
  • Combine - Top 4 amongst DTs in 3-cone, broad jump, and vert leap. 6th in bench press.
  • Makes sense - This guy isn't even on the Fanspeak Draft Board so I had to lie about my 7th round selection. No idea why he is not included putting up numbers like that. Great Value for 7th round.

252 Who Cares

  • I figure with the trade I am requesting in the second round the Bengals might throw in a 6th or 7th round pick to get a 3rd and 4th rather than a 3rd and 5th.
  • Other prospects to snag with that extra 4th or 5th round selection
  1. Wesley Johnson, OL , Vanderbilt - smaller, but versatile OL that can play anywhere on the line including LT. Held his own in SEC competition
  2. Kevin-Pierre Louis, OLB, Boston College - another speedy, quick OLB, but a bit undersized at 234
  3. Dontae Johnson, S, NC State - played safety and corner at NC State, good combine numbers. If the bengalswant to keep signing and cutting Chris Crocker every year then go ahead, but this good be his replacement. Or he is just more corner depth in case Hall, Pacman, Newman, and Dre Kirk all stink this year because of age, injury, or lack of talent
Enjoy and please take this to heart Mike Brown (unfortunately doubtful)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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