What to expect from our neighbors on the northern end of Ohio (Browns) on draft day(s)... More nonsense?

First off, I’ll admit: the Browns are an easy target.

Since returning to the NFL, they have been an ineptly run, racing thru owners, coaches, GM’s and QB’s like Joey Chestnut & Kobiashi going thru hot dogs on Independence Day.

So how have the Browns drafted over the last half decade?
They have made 14 picks in the first 2 rounds, so it’s got to be good, right?


The GOOD...
Even though the results may not show it on the field, the Browns actually have made a few excellent draft picks over the last half decade. Mostly in the top part of the draft.

2009 ... 1st round ... Alex Mack (#21)
2010 ... 1st round ... Joe Haden (#7)
2010 ... 2nd round ... TJ Ward (#38)
2011 ... 1st round ... Phil Taylor (#21)
2011 ... 2nd round ... Jabaal Sheard (#37)
2011 ... 4th round ... Jordan Cameron (#102)
2012 ... 2nd round ... Mitchell Schwartz (#37)

The Browns had a nice 3-year run (2009~2011) where they hit on their 1st round picks, and added a few other picks who have become good players.


The BAD...
The good picks in Cleveland, as seen above, have mostly been ‘top of the draft’ guys. Outside of Cameron (who took 3 years to become productive), their "hits" have all been guys in the top 40 of the draft.

Where the Browns have bombed is basically every pick from #40 and beyond.

Outside of Cameron, the Browns’ picks in round 4, 5, 6 and 7 have been brutal.

Round 4: Travis Benjamin, James-Michael Johnson, Owen Marecic, Kaluka Maiava

Round 5: Ryan Miller, Buster Skrine, Jason Pinkston, Larry Asante

Round 6:Jamoris Slaughter, Emmanuel Acho, Billy Winn, Carlton Mitchell, Clifton Geathers, Don Carey, Coye Francies, James Davis

Round 7:Armonty Bryant, Garrett Gilkey, Trevin Wade, Brad Smelley, Eric Hagg


The UGLY...
I’m not sure if "ugly" is worse than "bad"? But the Browns have had their share of ugly picks who have outright bombed.

Trent Richardson (round 1) – Despite a 3.3 career ypc, he’s not a "horrible" player. Just a bad player. But what makes his selection so brutal is trading UP for him, and then giving him away for pennies on the dollar.

Brandon Weeden (round 1) – A prime example why you don’t want to enter a draft needing a QB. Because you may reach for one who isn’t that good.

Greg Little / Mohamed Massaquoi / Brian Robiskie – A trio of WR’s (all taken in round 2) who have averaged UNDER 350 yards receiving in their 12 combined NFL seasons.

Montario Hardesty (round 2) – When you can’t beat out an old McGahee or Edwin Baker, you may have a problem. Since being drafted in 2010, he’s totaled 537 yards and 1 TD. Ouch!

David Veikune – Another round 2 bomb, Veikune was out of the NFL after 2 seasons, compiling a total of ZERO tackles. There was a reason why everybody outside of Cuyahoga County was laughing when this huge, huge reach of a pick was made.

Colt McCoy – As a round 3 selection, one can’t expect to get Andrew Luck. Which is good – because he’s not Andrew Luck. But at least he was better than Weeden.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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