McCarron Vs. Dalton

McCarron vs Dalton

Unlike Dalton, McCarron shows up in big games, well he did at Alabama at least. This was a great draft in my opinion because we came out with the best RB and CB that both fit our system very well. We were probably all thinking Hyde when our 2nd round pick came, but Hill is the all around better back. He can block, catch, and he is a every down back. Similar to when it came down to Eddie Lacy and Bernard last year, Bernard ended up being the more versatile out of the two even though Lacy won OROY. To be honest I didn't even know who Will Clarke was before the draft, but he seems to be solid pickup.

The Supreme Jeremy Hill Highlights (via MockingNFLDraft)

Dennard is the best Corner in this draft IMO and is the best fit for our team. Dennard only allowed 3 receptions over 15 yards last season, won the Thorpe award, and was the captain of the #1 defense in the nation. I don't know how he fell to our pick but It put us in the best situation possible in round 1.

Ultimate Darqueze Dennard Highlights | HD (via TheFootballman175)

I think McCarron is going to start the season as a backup but end it as a starter next season. McCarron led his team to 2 BCS championships that almost became 3(assuming we all know how that happen), he had a solid team around him but so does Dalton and he has yet to win a single playoff game.

We had the 3rd ranked defense last season and just brought in the best player possible for our only real need. McCarron just came to the best team he could possibly go to besides the Chiefs or Texans.

Dalton's career rating at TCU is 140.7 and McCarron's is 162.5 at Alabama.

Dalton's 30 int. to McCarron's 15 int.

Dalton's 71 TD's to McCarron's 77 TD's

Dalton 61 percent to McCarron's 66.9

Dalton's 7.8 ypa to McCarron's 8.8

McCarron wins games period!! He's a leader, he's efficient, accurate and is going to win that starting spot sooner or later.

The Supreme Aj Mccarron Highlights (via MockingNFLDraft)

College's Most Valuable Player? - Sport Genaral (via Spo-rts Acti-ons)

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