A realistic post-draft evaluation?


Round 1 (24): Darqueze Dennard, CB, Mich St ... A+

This pick makes perfect sense for the Bengals.

Their CB’s are aging and injury-prone.

Dennard is the reigning Thorpe winner, and a perfect fit for what the Bengals like in a DB (coachable, tackles well, and can play man coverage naturally)



Round 2 (55): Jeremy Hill, RB, LSU ... A-

Like everybody else, I figured if the Bengals drafted a big RB it would be Hyde.

But the more I look at Hill, the more it makes sense.


They are both the same size/speed type of backs who play big, but...

- Hill is 21, while Hyde is 24.

- Hyde didn’t become a 1,000 yard rusher until he was a senior. Hill did it as a Sophomore.

- Hyde got his yardage out of a spread offense facing more scattered defenders

- Hill got his production churning thru the SEC, in a pro-style offense

- Anyway, everybody here knows Marvin loves the SEC. He won’t draft 2 straight Big 10 players.



Round 3 (88) Will Clarke, DE, WVU ... B

With the departure of MJ, the Bengals needed to find a DE somewhere during the draft.

Either as a starter, or backup to Gilberry & Hunt.

Between picks 55 & 88, Kony Ealy, Kareem Martin & Scott Crichton all went off the boards.

Taking Clarke at 88 was about where he was slated, as a late 3 or early 4 grade.

Ultimately Cincy had to choose to take the BPA or Clarke.

They chose Clarke, as passing on him could have meant a drop to the next tier of big DE’s



Round 4 (111) Russell Bodine, C, UNC ... B

I don’t think fans were upset that the Bengals drafted a Center.

But were upset that they TRADED UP to draft him.

Like in round 3, the Bengals seemed to ignore BPA and instead targeted a specific position.

I’m assuming they had a big drop on their board at Center after Bodine, and traded up, since they were locked on drafting a Center before that drop.

They got their guy, and it only cost them a 6th, and it’s a position of need.



Round 5 (164) AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama ... B-

Everybody wanted the Bengals to draft a QB, and ultimately they did that.

Although I would have preferred Wenning, I’m not complaining, because at #164 he was a good value

He was successful in a big program surrounded by good talent.

We’ll see how that translates into his NFL play.

It remains to be seen if he’s good enough to be an NFL starter?

So the pick may or may not have any bearing on Dalton’s situation.



Round 6 (212) Marquis Flowers, OLB/SS, Arizona ... C

Athletic, productive OLB/SS for Arizona.

While not as much the physical specimen as Taylor Mays, he is probably a better ‘football player’.

With a pile of young OLB’s already on the roster (Lamur, Mays, Joiner, DiManche, Taylor, Porter, Moch, Montgomery), it will be interesting to see how the Bengals manage to fit everybody.



Round 7(239) James Wright, WR, LSU ... F

It’s hard to give a pick an "F", but unless I can give a "G", then I have to go with "F".

I know Marvin loves SEC, but even at that, you want to keep your draft picks to players who are draftable.

Yes, most 7th rounders don’t pan out, but you don’t want to draft a kid whose upside is ‘being cut early’.

My hope is that they meant to draft JC Copeland, but somehow got the 2 names confused and submitted the wrong one?



Round 7 (252) Lavelle Westbrooks, CB, Ga. Southern ... D-

Had perhaps the slowest 40-time of any CB who took part in the combine or a pro-day.

Usually a 4.61~4.65 - 40 doesn’t garner too much interest for a kid from a small-school.

I guess sometimes you just draft somebody to have a camp body, but there seemed to be enough quality kids out there who didn’t get drafted who would have been better options.


Overall, the draft started out great, and then progressively got worse, until the bottom ultimately fell out at the end.

Since the absurd picks were in round 7 and not round 1, it’s hard to complain too much.

The first 5 picks probably make the draft a B+, but overall it probably ends up as a B-

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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