Bengals Bites (5/30)

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

News and notes about the Cincinnati Bengals and the rest of the NFL

Bengals factoid: Mohamed Sanu in the slot - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
There's been a perception that Bengals receiver Mohamed Sanu's production took a hit last season after he was rarely heard from following his head-turning 2012 rookie season. In nine games, Sanu caught 16 passes for 154 yards and had four touchdown receptions. His future in Cincinnati seemed tremendously bright.

Jeremy Hill expects to play for Bengals -

Jeremy Hill won't shy away from competition on the Cincinnati Bengals. Speaking at the 2014 NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles, he told SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber that he expects to play as a rookie in Hue Jackson's offense.

Breaking down four Bengals rookie deals - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN

According to ESPN Stats & Information, for the next four seasons, McCarron will receive about $2.4 million. He also will make nearly $182,000 across the next four years from his signing bonus. Since it will be paid over the life of the contract, McCarron is looking at more than $45,000 each year from his signing bonus.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Defense Better than You Think

We all know the Bengals defense has been amongst the league’s best for several seasons now. They finished as a top 10 defense the last few years, while placing third in 2013 (first in the AFC). They finished in the top five in numerous important categories such as yards/play, 1st downs allowed, third and fourth down percentage, penalties and penalty yards, takeaways, and the all important points/game. But this unit was better than many people realize and it’s for these reasons that it may be even more potent in the coming year.

DeMaurice Smith says expanded playoffs must be negotiated | ProFootballTalk

Although the NFL’s owners are expected to decide to expand the playoffs to 14 teams starting with the 2015 season, the players’ union says it’s not that simple.

NFLPA doesn’t want Goodell to be judge, jury, executioner on HGH | ProFootballTalk

The NFL Players Association says the only holdup on an agreement to begin testing for human growth hormone is that someone needs oversight on Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Harry Reid's Office Is Laughing At The Sad #RedskinsPride Campaign

We weren't going to do this, we swear. We figured there was no need for a Twitter roundup when it was immediately clear to everyone that the Redskins' latest PR move, an attempt to galvanize fans into flooding Sen. Harry Reid with support for the team name, was backfiring wildly. Then we heard from Reid's office. Even they were surprised it "was so massively a failure."

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