MtD Live Draft at Music City Miracles Wrap up

One thing before I start this is a community Mock so these are not all my picks we discuss the pick
The GMs

messjunk hyprpwnmania Cincylax7 hash86 Touhue Cha and others who helped out palewook and leroy_destroy

Bengals Picks

24.) Kyle Fuller-CB/Virginia Tech - With him and Dennard available here Fuller was voted for by my other GMs so he was the pick. My pick here would be Cooks yeah I know we need CB but impact players are needed for this team to take the next step and he returns Kicks

55.) Donte Moncrief-WR/ Ole Miss - After missing on the S that were available Buchannon going one pick before and Hyde two picks, I went with BPA on the board we were using he is a beast but if I could go again I would take the player highest on my board Phillip Gaines yep moar CB. no excuse the time keeper stuffed up here and called out the Jets were on the clock so I had gone back to open thread to ask for picks but whilst i was doing this he decided no it was our pick and left us with less than a minute to pick so rushed BPA on board.

88.) Jimmy Garoppolo-QB/Eastern Illinois - We need a QB to pressure Dalton best one left 3 players went off the board that I had higher the previous three picks other player here Billy Turner as he IMO was the last T worth us taking. Ncf_u_garoppolo1x_576x324_medium_medium


109.)(traded from the Bills) Telvin Smith-OLB/Florida State - He was BPA by streets probably have to go RB here in real draft but Smith was high on my and Joe Goodberrys board I couldn't pass. Dri Archer would of been the pick here if he hadn't gone one pick earlier as this was Cincylax pick and he has a mancrush on him : )

164.) Ricardo Allen-CB/Purdue - Rashaud Reynolds was our target here he went a couple of picks before this is a need pick and a reach but one of the GMs Hash86 loves his style he is a ST ace and RS and will fill Crocker's spot at nickel

212.) J.C. Copeland-FB/Louisiana State - A FB we decided that the Bengals will take one somewhere and I wanted the best one so he was the pick, D'Anthony Thomas is who we were hoping would drop here he was taken early in round

224.) Spencer Long-OG/Nebraska - this is my pick we each had a pick to pick someone we thought would have a chance he's injured at the moment but before he did get injured showed real talent he played RG and will be a very good backup for Zeitler

225.) Ty Zimmerman-S/Kansas State - hypyrwnmanias pick and he was the pic that accompanied the 7th round thread Zimmermanty332_medium_medium


252.) Ethan Westbrooks-DE/West Texas A&M - easy the Best player left and we need a DE project he's a bust or boom pick

UDFA - rules 5 players posted after last pick is in Mr Irrelevant draft caller posts his. We each picked two players and a player from Georgia

Garrison Smith DT Georgia - a good prospect to compete for NT spot
Tyler Russell QB Miss State - My pick if you've seen posts I've put up about him then you'll know he spent all last year except for about 3 plays injured he is 6' 4" and has a strong accurate arm our PS QB to develop
Brandon Dixon CB/S Northwest Missouri State - My sleeper pick he has 4.44 speed 203lbs and is 6" can play at both CB/S I do like Hybrids and he impressed me enough at combine he also has a twin brother who has also declared who has similar measurements Brian Dixon
Cornelius Lucas-OT/Kansas State - hyprpwnmanias pick he thinks Bengals will go a big framed T to develop so here he is
Lorenzo Taliaferro-RB/Coastal Carolina - hyprpwnmanias pick he has been discussed on CJ before

Draft tracker


First palewook secured a Tate trade before the player trades were squashed we received the Panthers #225 pick for him. I really wanted to trade for Brandon Graham and Philly were offering him up I believe I could of gotten him for a 4th

As day two started we traded picks#123, #199, and #239. for the Bills picks #109 and #224 I originally wanted to trade up to Redskin #102 as billy Turner would've been the pick but the price was too high our 4th, 5th and 6th.


After drafting a whole 7 rounds two things stuck out to me 1. We're not going to be able to get fix the positions we need fixed with this draft even with too many picks IMO players needed seemed to go a few picks before we drafted all the way through leaving us with the choice of next best, which I refuse to do, or pick the BPA at another position which is what we aimed to do 2, If the Bengals are to get players that can contribute and not just fill the PS and other teams rosters then a trade up somewhere is a necessity

Last Years mock recap

My redo without the trade up

24 Kyle Fuller stays the same even though IMO the Bengals shock us all again and pick Brandin Cooks
55 Phillip Gaines
88 Billy Turner he'll be forced to start as Boling will not be ready
123 Terrance West RB
164 Kevin Pierre Louis
199 Brock Vereen
212 Keith Wenning - Joe Goodberrys grade on him has convinced me he's worth a shot I did see him play one game he wasn't that bad
239 JC Copeland FB or for those who want a HB Trey Millard
252 Ethan Westbrooks stays the same

Please comment ask any questions and feel free to put down the players you would of picked using the tracker

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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