My Final Mock Draft. Realistic based on value & needs. (Complete Draft)



Well guys, its almost that time. NFL draft is literally right around the corner. We made it!!! We all made it!! This has been the longest wait ever. This has to be the most anxious I've ever felt over anything, let alone a NFL draft. I can only imagine what the scouts, gm's, coaches, players feel like!

This is not a fan speak draft, I chose players based on CBS rankings. If you don't like CBS rankings, well screw you! Jk. But in all honesty, CBS rankings are WAY more realistic than anything fanspeak has to offer me. Fanspeak is more of a fun little draft game to me. If im gonna do a mock, i want a more realistic mock compared to a mock that i don't think is as real.

I'm not going to get into a full on detail of each player, but I will list a few positives of them.

Well lets get this mock on the road, shall we?

Round 1.

24. Ryan Shazier LB Ohio St.



6'1/237lbs/4.36 40 Yard Dash

NFL caparrison Lavonte David

-rare athletic potential with a frame to build on

-has long speed to make players all over the field

-Rangy in Coverage and can get to his spots in a hurry

-Versatile linebacker who moves between positions at Ohio St.

(notes by

With Shazier, it gives the Bengals a duo in him and Vontaze Burfict for years to come. We'd be able to build off of our linebacker core a lot easier then years past. Id debate that the potential could be as high as any LB core in team history.

With a dominant linebacker core and dline, our defense would continue to be one of the leagues best.

Shazier is a day 1 starter, and with Vontaze/Rey M./Shazier, we'd have one mean LB core.

Round 2.

55. Phillip Gaines CB Rice



6'0/193lbs/4.38 40 Yard dash

-Great height, weight, and arm length. Hes physically ready to play in the NFL right now, needing very little weight or conditioning.

-Solid technical skills beginning with his pre-snap stance, with is low and balanced. He keeps his eyes in the backfield while smoothly backpedaling.

-Mirrors receivers well when playing on man-coverage. His quick feet help his lateral quickness when changing directions.

(notes by

Gaines gives us a CB that can instantly come in and give us production day 1, but he also gives us a body that can be molded into one of the premier corners in the league. Physically he might have the most potential I've seen in years. Would give the corner back group a new edge.

With Gaines and Shazier in rounds 1 and 2, the Bengals defense instantly gets faster, and more physical. I love that.

Round 3

88. Billy Turner OT North Dakota State



6'4/315lbs/5.16 40 Yard Dash/34inch arms

-Possess a terrific up-field motor in the run game

-Uses a very long 81-inch wingspan to push and shove and reach block as necessary

-Excellent hand placement when engaging

-Did not allow one sack through the 2013 season

-Ridiculous 10 knockdowns and graded out as a near perfect "96 percent" by the Bison coaching staff

(notes by

Turner is hands down one of the most intriguing OT prospects in the draft. Physically has everything you want in a LT prospect. Hes versatile, played RT before playing LT. And could possibly play OG due to his athletic capabilities and good run blocking.

Turner could come in and make a push to start at LT, which would be stellar, because we'd be able to leave Whit at LG, where our oline looked better last year. Gotta keep the trenches loaded, and Turner is that guy to help us.

Round 4

123. Lache Seastrunk RB Baylor



5'9/201lbs/4.46 40 yard dash NFL comparison Lesean McCoy

-Tremendous physical specimen.

-Very smooth movement. Changes direction and speeds effortlessly, freezing would-be tacklers.

-Displays vision in the open field to find cutback lanes.

-Very little wear on his tires. Less than 300 touches during his college career.

(notes by

So yes I know I've been preaching bruiser back all off-season. but there are only 2 bruisers i really think that could instantly help us, and that's Hyde and Hill. Hyde will be an early 2nd round pick, and i dont see him making it to us. Hill could be there in the 3rd round, but I went with a more polished OT prospect.

Seastrunk is an amazing prospect. I think it was Joe Goodberry that brought up a good point, why not have 2 fast backs? Why switch to a slower back, when we can constantly slice up the defense. Seastrunk is big enough to be a #1 Rb in the NFL and doesn't have the wear and tear to hold him back. Imagine having to defend Gio & Seastrunk on Sunday's!!! Good luck.

Round 5

164. Michael Sam DE Missouri



6'2/261lbs/4.91 40 Yard Dash NFL Comparison Elvis Dumervil

-Compact and thick build with toned frame

-Sufficient arm length despite lack of height

-Out-leverages blockers on a consistent basis by playing with low pad level into contact

-Can work to the inside of tackles and into the backfields to disrupt running plays.

-Has experience in a defense that played from multiple fronts and varied techniques.

(notes by

Before he came out about his sexuality, he was one of the premier edge rushers in the draft. To draft Sam, a team needs a strong locker room to handle the questions that will come at an early stage of his career. I truly believe the Bengals have a mature enough team to handle him.

I truly believe the off the field noise will die down once he plays in his first game and makes a tackle. Then the media will run out of things to talk about with this kid. Hes a very mature kid, and represents the sport with class. To let a little thing like his sexuality throw his draft stock down the toilet is insane, but thats what we've come to I guess.

He fills a need, and to get a kid with his potential this late in the draft....sign me up any day of the week. Remember we are playing a sport here. Not worrying about who he dates.

Round 6

199. Jay Bromley DT Syracuse



6'3/305lbs/5.06 40 Yard Dash

-3 year starter, named team captain his senior year.

-Lead Syracuse with 14.5 tackles for loss and 10 sacks while also adding 42 tackles. (senior season)

-Strong, slug it interior lineman with surprising athleticism.

-Versatile experience, lining up just about everywhere on the defensive line at Syracuse, even played on some special teams coverage's.

(notes by &

Bromley is a versatile DT, that could give us some nice depth. He has a strong football character, and is praised by all his coaches. This late in the draft, you want to fill in some depth. And this is exactly what i did. When Geno went down we saw the lack of interior pass rushing by the defense. Bromley excels in interior pass rushing, so he could rotate in and out with the d-line and give us a few sacks and QB rushes here and there.

Depth = success

Round 6

212. Keith Wenning QB Ball State



6'3/218lbs/5.00 40 Yard Dash

-Can throw with touch and anticipation, is capable of dropping the ball over his receiver's shoulders

-Exhibits leadership ability, was a two time captain

-Flashes ability to throw a solid deep ball with a range of almost 60 yards. Can throw the deep out with precision.

-Intelligent, operated a fast-tempo offense and is a good student off the field.

(notes by

I decided to not take a QB until the later rounds. Why you may ask? Well i see us extending Andy Dalton regardless of what you and I think of him. So I went into this mock draft with that mind state.

Wenning is a nice QB, not the flashiest. Meaning he isn't really mobile, and he doesn't have a cannon for an arm. OK so hes Andy Dalton 2.0 you are thinking to yourself. Well he kind of is to be honest, and that isn't a bad thing!

Hes a better deep ball thrower, which is the only edge i can give him over Andy. Which is a nice edge, that some may like.

To me, Wenning is a nice QB we can bring in and develop. He could be a perfect backup for the team that drafts him once he learns the system. I like his upside, and i also like the lack of downside he has.

Round 7

239. Demetri Goodson CB Baylor



5'11/194lbs/4.52 40 Yard Dash

-Former basketball player, and his pure athleticism translates well to football. His hips are smooth and allow him to turn and run vertically with most receivers.

-Played on an island at Baylor, often without safety help over the top, yet performed well in a high-volume passing conference.

-Recognizes routes well, often staying on the hip of the receiver and able to make a play on the ball as it arrives.

-Projects to be a good man coverage corner or off-man due to his closing speed.

(notes by

Demetri is a pure upside/project this late in the draft. Former basketball players have been having success in the NFL lately, so to see a CB in the draft that used to play basketball, it intrigued me a ton!

I want to double dip in the draft at CB, and hes a perfect kid to double dip on. Hes gonna take some time to polish, but boy if the right coaches get to him, hes gonna turn out to be a nice depth CB at least. In round 7, you can't expect to get a pro bowler here. But what you can expect is to get practice squad players that could turn out to be a steal for your team, and he fits that mold to me.

Round 7

252. Garrett Scott OT/OG Marshall



6'4/307lbs/5.05 40 Yard Dash

-Has the size and look of an NFL OL.

-He played tackle at Marshall but could easily be looked at as a pulling guard in the NFL.

-Has long arms and holds his weight very well.

-Very athletic on the field

-Quick feet, displays above average balance.

(notes by

Garett is your typical later round depth lineman. He fits the bengals mold, being versatile. Bengals have been interested him during the draft process. Have to keep the trenches filled with big ugglies, and he will help. Also has nice upside for a 7th rounder. Would be a steal with our last pick.

Undrafted free agents I really want:

Chandler Jones WR San Jose State



5-9/183lbs/4.34 40 Yard Dash NFL Comparison Andrew Hawkins

-Productive catch-and-go player with electric feet.

-Above average body control

-Tracks the ball well

-Sharp routes and hides the intended path

(notes by

Would come in and compete for the slot role. Most likely a practice squad player day 1, but could develop into a similar role player baby hawk had. I don't see WR being that big of a need, so i didn't take one until after the draft.

Alex Bayer TE Bowling Green



6'4/258lbs/4.77 40 Yard Dash

-Very good size

-Good base and knee bend as in-line blocker.

-Functional Wham Blocker

-Reliable short area receiver

-Respected team captain

-Very durable, three year starter

(notes by

Mean blocker. Basically the only reason I want him. We need a blocking TE. And he could come in and develop to be a nice blocker for us. And whatever he can give us in the receiving role would be rewarding for us.

Alright guys, thanks for taking a glance at my Final Mock Draft. Please vote and leave some comments!!

Let me know who you wouldn't had drafted, who was a reach, who you loved, etc! Thanks once again!! Peace!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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