My Final Mock Draft

For those who care, here is my final mock. It won't be popular, but I'm taking picks based on what I think teams ahead of us will be doing while filling both needs and BPA...not what I am wishing will happen. Not picking UDFA's, and there were no trades. So here goes.....

1. C.J. Mosely, LB, Alabama



Field General. Extension of his coach. Playmaker. These are all terms that people have used to describe Mosely. His football IQ is high, and his production reflects it. I wanted to take a CB here, but it was between Verrett and Roby as all the others are off the board already, and Mosely is by far BPA at this point. Injury concerns (which aren't a concern now) have caused him to drop, and now we have a guy that can kick inside or outside, and is a sure tackler. Like I picks may not be popular ones, but he's THE guy I see falling.

2. Terrence Brooks, S, FSU



Has played either safety role successfully. Flies around the field wreaking havoc, but it's controlled chaos. Can track plays like a pro, while being athletic and fast enough to cover ground if need be. Was hoping Gaines would be available, but he wasn't.

3. Billy Turner, OT, North Dakota State



Athletic, strong, and maintains his feet well. Having said this, he needs technique work, and to get a little stronger still. He is a nice development prospect, and is too good to pass on here. Will take over for Whit eventually. The last of the "good" LT's on the board, too.

4. Nevin Lawson, CB, Utah State



Just a wee bit smaller and slower than Hall, but plays a similar game IMO, but with a little more willingness to mix it up in the run game. He has successfully covered the best WR's in the draft this year.

5. Josh Huff, WR, Oregon



As versatile as they come. Recruited out of high school as a RB, then converted to WR. Did I mention he returns kicks? Had 1120 yards and 12 TD's his senior season. Should fill the slot role nicely.

6. Aaron Lynch, DE, South Florida



The question is, which Aaron Lynch will we get? Is it the skinny one, on his meds, missing his girlfriend, that underproduced at USF, or will it be the guy that transferred from Notre Dame? Only the staff and Lynch can determine that. Could be a real steal.

6. Keith Wenning, QB, Ball State



He's the type of guy the whole staff should love. He's a prototype Hue QB - accurate with lots of room to grow. He's also a guy Marvin should love - a great backup for his guy Andy. I like him, too. I think he could be something once he learns a system.

7. Andre Hal, CB, Vanderbilt



Will he be here? I don't know. He's kind of all over the place in his projections, but if he's here we are grabbing him. He can contribute on ST's and eventually take over for PacMan.

7. Senorise Perry, RB, Louisville



Averaged 4.8 yards per carry in 2013, finishing the season with 706 yards rushing and six touchdowns on just 141 attempts. He's a one-cut runner who has great vision, first-rate lateral quickness and at times can be pretty hard to bring down. Check him out if you don't know him.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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