T-Cha's Final Mock Draft Before The 2014 NFL Draft

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Mock Draft!! Mock Draft!! Mock Draft!! Mock Draft!! There will always be more room for Mock Drafts!! Just So Many Endless Possibilities!! We The People Want More Mock Draft!!

Okay, I've been busy lately and havent have much time to evaluate all of the NFL Draft prospects, but I have been doing a lot of homework and studying.

So many rumors out there floating around teams like a certain prospect, but how much should we buy into this stuff?? I guess not much its just reports and team trying to get to know the prospect and a certain basis if he falls to them in the draft or if he is selected by that team. By this is why this is so special and so FUN!! People like us love to speculate about who the Bengals will draft and who will fall and who will be reach or who will be a steal!! I know it's very fun I like it a lot!!

So of the picks will be the same from the last Mock Draft I did, but more importantly there will be changes after looking at all the possibilities and looking more into the UDFA list who might fall out of the draft and who maybe a diamond in the UDFA list.

I believe that around 5 DB's will be drafted before we are on the clock so our chances are very good landing a Top tier CB who can come in and contribute some snaps and meaningful playing time, I have 2 Safeties and 1 CB going within the Top 23 before we pick those picks are

  • Justin Gilbert CB Oklahoma State - I like his upside very much I think he can be something close to Patrick Peterson but not as quite so maybe a notch or two below Peterson; has almost the same skill set good on ball defense, can catch the ball and make plays on ST, but I doubt he lasts until Pick #24 if he's on at Pick #24 we should run up and turn in our card
  • Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix S Alabama - He isnt your most athletic S and he isnt your big hitter; but he does everything well and put himself in situation to make plays where he is needed and he understands the S position very well can come up and play the run and stick to slot WR and also as well play vs TE too, maybe his only downside is he was surround by some good talent at Bama, but he's a good S who should only improve
  • Calvin Pryor S Louisville - The opposite of Clinton-Dix, takes risk and is a big hitter and comes down the LOS very hard on running plays and love being physical vs TE and RB's only concern I have is his man coverage and deep zone coverage and his range to cover the back-end Safeties are usually the last line of defense so this might bring up some concern but I still think he goes in the Top 23 Picks
  • Jimmie Ward S Northern Illinois - Isnt the biggest S but may have the best ball skill out of all the S in the 2014 NFL Draft; looks fluid and have the range to cover the back end and can cover the slot; only question maybe his transition vs competition level and also his body size vs Bigger WR and TE
  • Darqueze Dennard CB Michigan State - One of the most physical CB in this Draft; have great man to man defense and can almost run with almost the best of the bunch, injury is a concern here but his upside is a class below Gilbert (if he pans out) Dennard is those who are willing to come down the line and hit RB's and wrap them up; think of a younger version of Nate Clements in his rookie year; often may get too grabby on WR's down the field even when he's in great position to make a play on the ball.

So now I'll start my Final Mock Draft Before the 2014 NFL Draft

With the 24th Pick of The 2014 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals Selects

Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech University



- I'm still sticking with my original pick here will Fuller, his size and route recognition is probably one of the best in this year's Draft Class, he doesnt always play physical, but when he does he somewhat lacks the strength to hold the WR at bay..

Pros: Good play recognition, Good Anticipation and very good football IQ, good zone corner, great size

Cons: Need to bulk up, Medical Issue (Injury Prone??) Isnt as physical as you like

Reasoning: Having a youngster to come in here and start doesnt look like it will happen, unless injuries are flying in. We already have Hall hurt and is looking like he will return to camp to start working again; this being a passing league and having to face a lot of QB's who are in the top tier we may have to somewhat stock up at CB having Hall, Newman, And Jones will establish the experience needed to help out a player like Fuller; also Dre will be looking for playing time as well too. Fuller will come in on situational passing downs and is looking at special teams snap at the moment unless injuries starts to pile up at CB.

With the 55th Pick of The 2014 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals Selects

Carlos Hyde RB Thee Ohio State University



- I'm taking a RB here; because having a Power back who can catch and run is somewhat a lost art in the Spread NFL Offense; having a RB like Hyde to take some pressure off Dalton and Gio would be great; someone who we can give it to and know that they will be able to get more than just 3 yards and a cloud of dust. I think having Hyde will only stabilize the RB corp. Having maybe a 3 RB system with Gio, BJGE, and Hyde would cause defenses trouble.

Pros: Power Back that can make guys miss and fights for extra yards, Good catching out of backfield

Cons: Off-Field Issue, Speed isnt the best, susceptible to arm tackles, pass protection

Reasoning: Hyde would be a great compliment to what we already have in Gio and BJGE; will learn how to pass block from BJGE who is one of the better blocking back. Will give us a lot more flexibility in the backfield with both RB who can come out and catch the ball. Will usually come in on short down conversion or will spell both Gio and BGJE so will likely work his way into the rotation.

With the 88th Pick of The 2014 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals Selects

Antonio Richardson OT Tennessee



- Sticking with my Original OT pick here, I'm tore between Richardson and James of Tennessee. I cant wrong with either one but looks like Richardson's stock is falling a bit while James stock is rising. Played some of the best DE in the SEC and held quite a good resume with facing with the best DE's.

Pros: Good movement for his size, can stonewall the DE's with his strength

Cons: Susceptible to Speed rusher, plays a little high

Reasoning: He wont start right away, but he'll have the help of Whitworth to guide him into the rotation and a swing tackle. He'll need the 1st season to bulk up and also learn from one of the best O-Line. Here's no need to rush him, unless we have major injuries across the OT position.

With the 123rd Pick of The 2014 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals Selects

Dominique Easley DT Florida University



- This may raise some eyebrows and some question will arise; why a Defensive Tackle here when not too long ago we double dip at the position. Here's my reason why, a falling player on the D-line who can either play inside or outside who can penetrate from the middle or from the edge to cause pressure. Easley was lined up in all 4 spots on the D-Line while at Florida which will benefit our team since we can rotate guys in and out and into different position on the D-line

Pros: Good movement for a D-line; very strong at the point of attack; versatile to move along the line

Cons: Overly Aggressive at time, Injury Concern, Tackling form isnt best and may need some work

Reasoning: A guy who can move all over the D-line and cause havoc; he will fit right in will our Defense after MJ93 leaving to Tampa Bay. Not only that but he will also provide some pressure up the middle which is a plus because Atkins is coming off ACL injury. If they both get healthy we have a great duo in Atkins and Easley on the inside to wreak havoc vs opposing offenses and QB's will more likely be more into the rotation on passing downs and GL situation first before being inserted as a Starter.

With the 164th Pick of The 2014 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals Selects

Katherine Webb, Oh sorry!! I Meant



AJ McCarron QB Alabama



- QB is a need? I dont think so but we dont have much QB signed thru 2015 so I think we may need some QB depth, I think that McCarron will be serviceable enough to win a few games. He isnt your flashy guy who can launch the ball over 80 yards but being precise and making the right read is. I think he falls because teams will compare him to other Alabama QB who had success at the college level and not in the NFL

Pro: Great accuracy, great leadership, goes thru his reads

Con: Played with good-great players around him, didnt face much pressure

Reasoning: With Dalton entering a Contract year, it's a 50/50 if we can sign him at the right price or we shoot ourselves in the foot by overpaying. So we will always need a back-up plan just in case Dalton fails again or if he does great we'll also be crapped out because his price just increased. Having a serviceable back-up to be mentor by Campbell would be good since Campbell have been around the league.

With the 199th Pick of The 2014 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals Selects

Aaron Colvin CB Oklahoma



- Why Not take a flyer on a guy who was suppose to be a 2nd round-3rd round CB who has fallen down draft boards to injury issue. This would be like having another 2nd round next year if he comes back healthy for next year.

Pro: Very Smooth, Good man to man coverage, good run support

Con: Injury, have issue with zone, sometimes may get too grabby

Reasoning: Colvin would have been a 2nd-3rd round pick if not for his torn ACL during practice for the Senior Bowl game, the guy can flat out play, but sometimes put himself in bad position by not looking for the ball and starts to grab onto a WR, but he have good enough man-coverage to be in position to stop a play or make a play

With the 212th Pick of The 2014 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals Selects

Austin Wentworth OT/OG Fresno State University



-My Homer pick since I cant land Derek Carr or DaVante Adams, he's the vocal leader of the O-line at Fresno State and was like a big brother to the O-linemen. He protected Derek's blindside for quite awhile now and have done a good job.

Pro: Good movement for an OT, can Score TD, great in pass protection, high football IQ

Con: Small OT, competition level, is being protected with short quick screens in offense a lot of the times

Reasoning: Taking a swing O-line here would be what we need, having a guy on the Offensive line who can play OT or OG and maybe some C would be huge, this would give us much needed depth on the O-line. Would probably be best suited as a OG and a swing tackle in the NFL with his size.

With the 239th Pick of The 2014 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals Selects

J.C. Copeland FB Louisiana State University



-Need a true fullback a guy who is a missile seeker; see and destroy mentality who can flat out hit defensive players in the mouth. This pick-up of a true fullback will be a good addition to help out our running; he's more mobile than most Offensive Linemen and can also block.

Pro: Good seek and destroy, shear brute strength, non stop motor

Con: Too aggressive at times, lack experience of a pass catcher,

Reasoning: Moving into Hue's offense, Hue had a good chess piece in Marcel Reece who was a multidimensional player for him, Hue loves pounding the rock and setting up the play action. Also having a true fullback would help the offense and Dalton lean on it early in the game to open up the passing game.

With the 252th Pick of The 2014 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals Selects

Kenny Guiton Thee Ohio State University



- Another QB? This is a QB driven league, I'm not going to say that Guiton will one day be the Franchise player, but I think he have enough potential to become a good serviceable back-up who can come in and win a few games here and there.

Pro: Good speed for a QB, makes the correct read, above average arm

Con: Slim build, not quite ready for Pro Offense, raw techniques

Reasoning: Why Not take another QB, we dont have much QB signed past the 2015 season (if we cant extend Dalton) so we will need to find QB who are capable of playing and being a back-up. Guiton has the tools to be a good QB if in the right system and will need some work on his techniques. He would bring a different dimension to our heavily load Offense if he makes the 53 man squad.

UDFA Signings

Bryan Stork C Florida State



- Didnt take a Center, I think that Pollak will be one of our better Centers we have in recent years, but by not taking a center in the draft we will have to settle for one in the UDFA market as a camp body or a PS player

Ciante Evans CB Nebraska



- By far the best man-man CB at Nebraska and is fluid in his movement, he'll need some work in zone with Nebraska playing in a heavily man defense.

Shaq Evans WR UCLA



- Adding some WR depth from UDFA isnt always bad, Shaq Evans can return punts as well as stretch the field with his frame (isnt the biggest) but uses his size to his advantage.

LJ Jones CB Fresno State



- The best CB this year for Fresno State played a lot of man and zone and did great; injury has probably dropped his stock, and at his pro day looked some what stiff after coming off injury

Brendan Bigelow RB California



- One of the underrated RB in this year's draft, had fallen out of favor at Cal after Tedford was fired, got lost in a RBBC with some many incoming freshmen and new HC, also a great Return specialist who can change the game in an instant, remember his game vs Thee Ohio State

Jonathan Brown LB Illionis



- Our UDFA LB's have been a success, Lamur and now Vontaze, why not bring him in who has some potential and need some work on technique.

Marquis Spruill LB Syracuse



- Another underrated LB who isnt high on everyone's radar, but is a good player and need some work on technique.

Asante Cleveland TE Miami, FL Thee "[]_[]"



- With Gresham heading into a contract year soon, we may need a TE soon and also with the Charles problem we may need another 3rd TE on our depth who will be inserted as a extra blocker and another option to throw too

Pat O'Donnell P Miami, FL Thee "[]_[]"



- A former UC Bearcat Punter and we all know we all love some Bearcat Punters!! Can never have enough good punter, just look at what happen last season when Huber went out for the year!!

Thanks for reading, please give me a grade and gimme your feedback and thoughts would be very helpful to see what my fellow peers think, Thanks!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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