Practice squad: who makes it from the secondary?

We’ll probably go 4 offense and 4 defense as usual.


  • One will probably go to T.J. Johnson at C, because the depth is a question mark with Pollak not having played the position in years and Bodine being a rookie. Also, it seems that Robinson might not make the roster, and he’s not eligible for the PS. T.J. Johnson has been mentioned as a coaches' favorite.


  • One will probably go to one of the rookie offensive tackles (Burden, Feigt, France, Hopkins; the latter two are G/T hybrids) because our depth is a big question mark with Newhouse and Hawkinson being the only backups. The depth at guard isn't great either, so it might be nice to keep one of the hybrids. We will keep Dennis Roland on speed dial, but they probably want someone for development anyway. For now, my horse in the race is Trey Hopkins, because in OTA's he has received a handful of reps with the first team offense at LT and LG.


  • We usually carry a WR. If Whalen makes the roster, then it’ll be Hamilton on the PS. If Hamilton makes the roster, then it’ll probably be Wright or any of the UDFA WR (I like Colin Lockett) on the PS.


  • We usually carry a RB. If BJGE makes the roster, then it’ll be Burkhead to the PS- unless Burkhead is claimed off waivers, then it’ll be Wilder on the PS. If BJGE is cut and Burkhead makes the roster, then Wilder will go to the PS. Perhaps Jeff Scott could challenge Wilder. I don’t think a FB will be kept on the PS (I do think one will make the active roster), but if Hewitt or Whitlock is worth grooming on the PS then one of them might be kept there instead.


  • We usually carry a D-lineman. I think it’ll be a DT, possibly Larry Black or Zach Minter, because our depth there is paper-thin with Atkins coming off an ACL tear, Peko declining, and Still injury-prone and having shown little progress. But it could be a DE, possibly David King or Sam Montgomery.


  • Marquis Flowers is an easy choice for the PS at cover LB, assuming Lamur and Mays are healthy and will make the roster. He has a decent chance to be on the 2015 roster, because the contracts of Lamur and Mays both expire after 2014.


That leaves 2 spots left, both for the secondary. Chris Lewis-Harris has been our top CB off the PS for the past two seasons, and has done well in intermittent playing time; he is still eligible this year. The coaches like McCalebb for his speed and upside as a CB and return man. And our second CB draft pick in Lavelle Westbrooks would challenge as well. But now you have Isaiah Lewis doing well at the S position- I don't see him making the roster, but he is making a case for the PS. In the unlikely case we keep 6 CB on the roster, then one of these 3 young CB might make the roster. But if R.J. Stanford makes the roster as the 6th CB, or if we keep only 5 CB as expected (Hall, Newman, Jones, Kirkpatrick, Dennard), then we have CLH, McCalebb, Westbrooks, and Lewis challenging for just two practice squad spots. CLH is a solid, safe choice. McCalebb has the most upside. Westbrooks has the draft status, though I find his upside questionable because in terms of 40 time he was the slowest CB taken in the entire 2014 NFL Draft, with a high time of 4.72. Lewis is distinct in that he is a safety and not a CB.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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