NFL Roundtable: Which Team had the Best Offseason?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For today's NFL roundtable, we looked at which team had the best offseason. A couple of 4-win teams and a Super Bowl-contender make up our picks.

To this point, which NFL team has had the best offseason?


Mickey Mentzer

I think the Denver Broncos have probably had the best offseason. This is a team that made it to the super bowl last season with very few holes. Now, they fill those holes on both sides of the ball. Denver made changes at running back, receiver, corner, safety and linebacker. Additions like T.J. Ward, DeMarcus Ware and Aquib Talib may be good enough to get the Broncos back to the Super Bowl this season.

Cody Tewmey

Jacksonville Jaguars. Yeah I said it, the Jags. The Jags have a GM with a good track record as a talent scout (He was a scout with the colts 1998-2007, need I remind you who was drafted by the colts in 1998?)

Gus Bradley built the legion of boom and now in his second year should have his system in place on defense. They added FAs that fit his system on defense in Ziggy Hood, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, and Dekoda Watson they should all be starters or at least be in a competition for the job.  AAron Colvin is a great draft pick that will be red shirted and should start in 2015.

With Blake Bortles they can sit him initially, then start him halfway through the season. They added weapons for him for the future in Allen and Lee, how they got both these guys in the 2nd was amazing. They also added a guy in Toby Gerhart who has looked good in sports and has virtually no wear on the tires being behind AP his whole career.

Don't get me wrong, they won't win more then 5-6 games but they did a good job in getting pieces for 2015 and beyond.

Scott Bantel

New uniforms aside, I would have to say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs were a talented team in 2013 that greatly underperformed. Now they add Michael Johnson, Alterraun Verner, Anthony Collins, Brandon Myers, Josh McCown, Mike Evans and a healthy Doug Martin.

That is a lot of talent and don't underestimate the difference between Lovie Smith and Greg Schiano. The loss of Revis, to me, is addition by subtraction.

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