If a game manager like Kaepernick can get paid a ton, what does that mean for a QB who throws the ball, like Dalton?

Let’s not kid ourselves, Kaepernick got paid the same reason that Flacco did... they are on teams that win games.

After sitting behind "game manager" Alex Smith for the first year and a half of his NFL career, the 49ers team have compiled a 17-6 record (21-8 including playoffs) with Kaep starting.

But do the 49ers win BECAUSE of Kaepernick?

Or do the 49ers win REGARDLESS of Kaepernick?


What Kaepernick does well...

+ He throws TD’s

His TD totals are not very high, because the 49ers don’t want him to throw often.

But when he does throw, it counts, as his 5.1% TD rate in the games he’s started indicates.

(By comparison, Dalton has a 4.9% career TD rate)

+ He does not throw INT’s

This is partially because he doesn’t throw much at all.

But even when he does throw, he has a low career 1.8% INT rate in games he’s started.

He only has 1 career start with multiple INT’s

(By comparison, Dalton has a 3.0% career TD rate, and 13 games with multiple INT’s)

+ His rushing #’s in the playoffs are very impressive

507 yards for 9.9 ypc in 6 games

(By comparison, Dalton has 58 yards for 4.8 ypc in 3 games)


What Kaepernick does poorly...

+ His passing #’s in the playoffs are rather lousy (especially for a big $ QB)

Last year he had 192 ypg, sub 55% completion percentage, and 3 td:3 int

In 6 career playoff games, has only reached 60% completions once

(By comparison, Dalton has bad playoff #’s too: 240 ypg, 1 td, 6 int)

+ He is not a big-time passer who will carry the team with his arm

Only has 2 games in 23 starts where he hit 300+ passing yards

Almost half of his starts (11 of 23) he threw for LESS than 200 yards

(By comparison, 8 of Dalton’s last 32 games have gone for 300+ yards, including 5 in his last 11.

Over the last 2 years, only has 6 of 32 games that are sub 200 yards)

+ He does the worst when he is needed the most.

In his 17 wins, he has a ridiculous 8.9 Yards/Attempt rate, with an insane 28:4 TD:INT ratio

But in the 6 losses, when his teams needs him to perform, he does his worst work.

In the 49ers losses, his Yards/Attempt plummets from 8.9 to 5.4, his TD:INT ration is an ugly 3:7, and his completion % drops by about 10%.

(By comparison, Dalton’s numbers are not nearly as bad in the Bengals’ losses, thus giving the team a chance to win those agmes.

His completion % is nearly the same, his YPA only drops to to 6.1, and his TD:INT rate is 13:18)


Kaepernick has low pass attempts, has low INT’s, and doesn’t step up his passing when it’s needed.

That sounds like the description of an effective "game manager".

And if a game manager can get the $$$ that he just signed for... what will Dalton get???

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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