The MLB draft started last night. Did you notice?

Unlike the NFL draft, the Baseball draft doesn’t get as much notice – even amongst baseball fans.

For those local to Cincy, who also follow the Reds, the Reds made 2 picks yesterday.

Pick 19 was theirs, and Pick 29 was from the Rangers because the Rangers signed Shin Shoo-Choo.

Pick 19 – Nick Howard, RHP/3B, U of Virginia

Spent his first 2 years as a 3B and a pitcher.

Was decent as a starter, but last year converted to closer and did very well with a high K rate.

The word is that the Reds will switch him back to a starter.

Was rated on most boards in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

Pick 29 – Alex Blandino, SS/3B, Stanford

Very good hitter, but only adequate defensively.

Good power for an infielder, and good plate discipline.

Was rated on most boards in the late 30’s to early 60’ something of a reach.

There are several reasons why fans don’t follow the MLB draft.

The most common include...

99.9% of MLB fans don’t know who any of these kids are

Most NFL fans who watched the NFL draft knew who Manziel and Bridgewater were. And Bengals fans were ecstatic when they drafted Dennard – because they actually knew who he was.

92.7% of MLB fans don’t follow baseball below the Major League level, where these kids are coming from & headed to

Most MLB fans don’t watch any baseball below the major league level, so they don’t make any connection between the kid and the school he is coming from.

Also, since most fans aren’t watching these kids before the major leagues, they have no knowledge of them, or much interest in them.

MLB’s draft is too confusing with "sandwich" picks & "competitive balance" picks

Some may ask "What the heck is a ‘competitive balance’ pick, and why do good teams get them?"

NFL’s draft is much more straight forward.

There are a handful of free-agent comp picks after the mid/later rounds.

But that’s it.

The NFL doesn’t have any fancy rules about how to carry picks over to the next season if the prospect doesn’t sign, either.

MLB’s draft is too boring with no trades allowed

There is intrigue with teams moving up and down in the NFL draft.

In the MLB draft, it’s like a fantasy football draft – just 100% times longer, and half as exciting.

There is no instant impact. Some of these kids will take years (if ever) to reach the Major Leagues

Over 90% of the kids drafted in the MLB draft will never see the Majors.

Most of them won’t even reach the highest level of the minors.

Of the ones who do reach the Majors, it could take 3, 4, 5 years or so...well after you saw them drafted.

And that’s assuming that they didn’t get traded away in the meantime.

Whereas with the NFL, most of the kids drafted will make an instant impact on the roster.

Heck, you get to see the kids in OTA’s right away...not 5 years down the road.

All the highlight reels look the same for every drafted kid – he’s either throwing or hitting a ball

In the NFL draft there are a lot of different runs & catches & blocks & tackles and plays to see in highlight reels.

They are all different.

But on a baseball highlight reel of a pitcher, it’s just a guy. Standing. Throwing a ball. Just like the last highlight reel of the last pitcher.

And for hitters, the highlight reel isn’t much different.

It goes on forever, and ever, and ever.

It can go on, up to 50 rounds worth of kids nobody ever heard of, with 95% of them never reaching the majors.

MLB can try to make their draft all snazzy by following the NFL model:

Airing it on television.

Stretching it out over several days.

Enlist talking heads to hype up each player when they are drafted.


But at the end of the day, they just can’t get past the fundamental flaws of the draft (listed above) which keep it from being as interesting or as exciting as the NFL draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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