2013 Giovanni Bernard vs 2014 Jeremy Hill

Andy Lyons

The Bengals have selected 2 RB’s in the second round over the last 2 seasons:

2013 ... #37 Giovanni Bernard, RB, UNC

2014 ... #55 Jeremy Hill, RB, LSU

In 2013 Gio was the top RB selected at pick #37.

In 2014, Bishop Sankey was the top RB selected at pick #54, with Jeremy Hill the second RB selected, taken one pick later.

Interesting that no RB’s have gone in round 1 over the last 2 years.

Also interesting that over the last 2 years, the Bengals have taken either the first or second RB off the board. So they "should" have accumulated the top duo of young RB’s available in Gio & Hill.

In his first year, Gio split time with Ben, Jarvus, Green & Ellis

In his split role, he churned out about 10 rushes per game, compiling a stat line of: 170 – 695 (4.1) – 5 td

He really excelled as a receiver, tallying a stat line of: 56 – 514 (9.2) – 3 td

That’s a sum of 1,209 total yards, and 8 total td’s

Gio became the king of extending the little swing & screen passes out of the backfield into big, dymanic gains. He also showed that he could punch in a short gain, by slipping thru small cracks in the O-Line.

The general consensus seems to be that Jeremy Hill will assume Green-Ellis’ role in the Bengals tandem RBBC, as the "big back". Green-Ellis is a fairly pedestrian runner who is actually a little less explosive than Cedric Benson (if such a thing is possible). Hill, by contrast is expected to be a power runner who has a little more shift, speed, and explosion than Green-Ellis provided.

If it holds true that Hill usurps Green-Ellis’ role, and splits with Gio in 2014, the question arises...

Will J-Hill have a better / similar / worse 2014 than Gio had in 2013?


Hill will be better than Gio was last year:

- Supposedly the Bengals are going to rush more this year. So if Hill gets a healthy split with Gio, that will mean more total rushing opportunities for Hill than Gio got last year, which means more yards for Hill.

- Green-Ellis got more rushes than Gio last year (29% more). If Hill replaces BJGE, Hill gets those extra rushes, and if he is better than BJGE, he will generate more yards & td’s from those rushes than BJGE did.

- Gio has an injury history (especially at UNC) and if Gio goes down at all, Hill will get more opportunities than Gio got last year.

Hill will do about the same:

- Ultimately, Hill will get about the same total yards 1,209 and a similar td total of 8.

- Although Hill will generate a higher % of his via the rush, and less via the reception.

Hill won’t be as productive as Gio was last year:

- Hill won’t get many receptions, and won’t approach Gio’s 1,209 total yards, nor Gio’s 8 td’s.

- Gio played well enough to earn more than a 50/50 split with the rookie, which will cut into Hill’s opportunities. Last year Gio had a 50/50 split, and had a chance for a big # of yards and TDs. But Hill may only get a 40/60 or 30/70 split.

- Also, Green-Ellis is still on the roster. If BJGE doesn’t get cut, Hill’s role will be diminished.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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