Looking Back At The Final Days Of The NFL In Los Angeles


After the 1994 season ended, Southern California lost two professional sports franchises. A great post by the MMQB crew relives the final week of games in the Los Angeles area.

Top Ten "Battle Of Ohio" Wins For Lewis: Nos. 10-6


Marvin Lewis has a great record against the Cleveland Browns as Bengals head coach at 14-6. As we enter another installment of the rivalry this weekend, we are counting down the top-ten wins Lewis...

Dalton Has Best Win Percentage In Bengals History


After his second season as the Bengals starting quarterback, Andy Dalton is making franchise history.

No Bengals Among 2013 Hall Of Fame Finalists


For yet another year, Bengals fans will know that the only representative of their favorite time enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame is Anthony Muñoz

Bengals' Join NFL Elite With Recent Playoff Berth

The Bengals join six of the NFL perennial powerhouses with their third postseason berth in the last four seasons. Is this the budding of a dynasty in Cincinnati?

Bengals And Texans Heading In Different Directions


When the Houston Texans host the Cincinnati Bengals this Saturday, it will be a battle between two squads that ended the regular season on different notes.

Comparing the 2012 Bengals and the 2011 Bengals


How much can statistics tell you about two different teams from two different years as they head into the playoffs?

Bengals Have Been In This Situation Before


The Bengals were in the same situation in 2006. Hopefully things turn out a little differently this year.

On This Date In Bengals History: AFL Awards Cincinnati With A Franchise


On this date in 1967 the American Football League awarded Cincinnati the league's tenth franchise. At the time there were five different ownership groups seeking to become owners, but there were...

The origin of the Cincinnati Bengals


Everyone knows about the current Cincinnati Bengals franchise was established in 1968, but they are not the first professional football team in Cincinnati nicknamed Bengals.


The Strike Years


The NFL has been one of the more successful professional leagues since its inception in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association. It has endured many tumultuous times including the...

The Bengals First AFC Central Championship


Including the preseason, the Bengals are scheduled for five prime time games this season. Since the start of Monday Night Football (MNF), primetime games have become highly coveted, growing to a...

An Unusual Rivalry


Rivalrys between teams are a common scene. In this one, the rivalry became between two coaches.

The 1981 AFC Championship Game


NFL games are played in almost any kind of weather, but the Benglas played in a game that had a wind chill factor of -57 degrees.

It's 2010. Welcome to the future Bengal Nation, A Decade In Review


It's 2010. Welcome to the future Bengal Nation, A Decade In Review

Meet John P. Wise


Meet John P. Wise. John was the former backup to the Cincinnati Bengals' Who-Dey mascot. Most of his work included getting chucked in the jewels and bringing tons of Who-Dey goodness to party...

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