Maybe an excuse for Fitzpatrick: QB play generally down this week

Maybe bad quarterback play is a league-wide problem across the league. Usually after the Bengals lose during the early games on Sundays, I go through the other early games while tracking the later...

Will Giants-Patriots revisit the week 17 thriller?

We figured a battle between the Packers and Cowboys would settle the NFC argument. The New York Giants dump both teams in successive weeks. In one that supposes they know everything, the Wild Card...

Umpire scores 2 points on linebacker take down.

What happens when a 232-pound linebacker with over 600 career tackles gets wrestled to the ground by a referee? A grievance. No, seriously. It's nothing to take on a 300-pound lineman looking to...

NFL Playoffs Nearly Set -- (week #16 scenarios)

In the NFC, the Vikings knocked out several teams -- Panthers, Eagles, Lions, Cardinals -- with their Monday Night win. Unless either the Giants or Vikings lose out and either the Saints or...

NFL Playoff Scenarios -- Week 15

Playoffs? Playoffs?! I kid. I'm a fan of Jim Mora. Sad that his accomplishments -- in the tune of a career 125-106 record, though 0-6 in the playoffs (irony: ain't it great?) -- will be depreciated...

All things considered, Monday Night Football was fun

Not a big post here (finally, eh?). I just wanted to mention Monday Night's game between the Dolphins and Steelers. I'm hearing/reading many complain about the game itself -- not just the field....

Should we replay the development of the replay system?

If you're a regular here, you know that I'm not a fan of the NFL's replay system. I'm glad they instituted the practice several years ago. I am. To me, getting it right on the field only benefits...

Monday Night's game was just... awful.

If you watched the entire broadcast Monday Night between the Seahawks and 49ers, then I commend you. I'm impressed with your love for the game, the sport and blah, blah, blah. That game was awful....

Do you have a problem with teams running up the score?

Ah, they found it. A controversy. I know, a controversy in the NFL. Who would have thunk it? You never put it by those quick observers that favor controversy over acceptance. And why not? We enjoy...

The I have Nothing to do Because Bengals play on Monday Open Thread

Watching and blogging the early games.It's about 4pm, so I've got to jet. We're out.[FINAL, Bills 17, Jets 14] Bills win their first game of the season, 17-14 over the Jets.[Bears 20, Lions 17] As...

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