Chad Johnson Campaign

Jackson denies anything happened. Believe him or Shaun Smith?

So the Bengals refused comment on Shaun Smith's little speech. Hue Jackson then declined that anything happened. "Chad Johnson never hit Marvin Lewis. Chad Johnson never hit me. Chad Johnson never...

Bengals refuse comment on Shaun Smith comments

Someone tells the entire world that you got smacked in the eye because you tried to breakup a fight between an employee and manager, what do you do? Do you defend yourself and throw the employee...

Let's Talk About Chad Johnson

Now that Shaun Smith is making public on what we already "knew" -- or thought we knew -- I realized that we haven't talked about Chad Johnson for a long time. He's not pleased, I'm sure. Most of us...

Shaun Smith talks about Chad Johnson fight -- why?

PFT threw up a video of Shaun Smith (yea, Shaun Smith) detailing the "fight" at half-time between the Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005's Wild Card game. The video has since been removed -- I...

Chad and Lewis must mend fences

Anything you hear lately about Chad Johnson is basically nothing. When asked for an update, Oil Slick simply says "status quo" -- nothing new to report. Many of us agree that will be the response,...

Ludwig: Johnson trade can't happen fast enough

Chick Ludwig does one thing no other Cincinnati Bengals beat writer does. He writes it like he sees it. In what's clearly the most opinionated piece against Johnson, Ludwig says that a trade to...

Bengals coach saves trees; denies any Chad trade possibilities

Man, Chad Johnson has to be pissed. Marvin Lewis, like the many times before, was adamant that Chad Johnson won't be traded. "They can stop the presses, quit killing trees and move on to other...

Snyder interested in Chad Johnson

Two unnamed NFL general managers think that it would either take a low first-round pick and a third round pick, or two second-round picks, to acquire Chad Johnson through a trade. One coaching...

Chad Johnson resorts to shoving league personnel

Hey, what do you know, another Chad Johnson update. I was thinking of calling this blog Around the time it was announced that Chad Johnson made the Pro Bowl because a...

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