Report: Carson Palmer "would love to throw to" Terrell Owens


Geoff Hobson texted with Carson Palmer, and CP wants to throw to TO.

Updated - Kevin Walter re-signs with Houston


Kevin Walter is a consolation prize for teams that may have wanted Anquan Boldin. Now, it looks like Cincy and KC are the two teams left in the hunt.

Free Agency Eve Open Discussion Thread


Bengal fans discuss the impending free agency period.

Bengals reportedly interested in bringing Shaun Smith back


If there's one signing I'm dead set against, it's the Bengals bringing defensive tackle Shaun Smith back. The Enquirer's Joe Reedy writes that the "Bengals have an interest" bringing Smith back to...

Holmes: Chase Coffman's long awaited pro debut could be on the horizon


We have had as many posts about fullbacks on Tuesday as we have had all of last season. So that just means we need to update our Tight End position file for the 20th time since August....

Report: Dallas Cowboys turned down Cincinnati Bengals trade offer for Tight End Martellus Bennett


As one reader points out today in the Fan Posts, the Dallas Cowboys reportedly turned down a trade offer from the Cincinnati Bengals for Dallas Cowboys Tight End, Martellus Bennett before Tuesday's...

Bengals invite Tight End Leonard Pope and Cornerback Corey Ivy for a visit


This certainly hasn't been the start we had hoped for with our tight ends. Reggie Kelly and Ben Utecht go down early in Training Camp for the season. Daniel Coats, a fullback cast-off at one point...

Report: The Bengals are shopping safety Marvin White


Other than running back, the most unpredictable spot on the Bengals final roster is the secondary. While going through the roster coming up with our own 53-man roster, we started strong, but hit a...

Ludwig: Steinbach in "deep trouble", wouldn't be surprised if cut before season


One of my biggest points about the slow degradation of the offensive line since 2005 is that once Eric Steinbach left, everything went downhill. Before the 2007 season, the Bengals signed Willie...

Marvin Lewis Says No


They tried to make me to trade Ocho And I said, "no, no, no." - Done to the tune of "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse And there you have it, folks.  Once again, Marvin Lewis is the voice of reason -- if...

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