Week in Review

Bengals @ Packers Week in Review: Best part about losing opening weekend is that there's 15 more games to go

This has been one of those weeks that we've experienced so many times. We lost last week with an unbelievable, unlikely play. Some of us (aka, me), just can't let it go. It was discouraging,...

Week in Review: Offensive Line set, Carson Palmer speaks, Andre Smith plays agent musical chairs

If you were to put together a Week in Review for this week, what would your lead story be? The Bengals conducted their first Organized Team Activities in which head coach Marvin Lewis declared the...

Week in Review: When Internet Reports attack

This is this year's first Week in Review. This used to be a weekly thing back in 2006, somewhat in 2007. We totally eliminated it in 2008. We used this primarily for two things. A recap of the week...

Bengals Week in Review (Game #9)

We used to do week in reviews all the time (usually Saturday mornings), but I started going away from doing them (because they were on Saturday mornings). However, sometimes we post things on here...

Bengals and Rams fans relate

I had to wonder just how much people are willing to stick with the Bengals this year. Many are sick and tired of losing -- award for the most obvious statement in sports history. And in fact, this...

Bengals Week in Review: Chad Johnson on pace for career-highs

It feels like this season won't end. There's little to look forward to and wins are becoming scarce -- the Bengals have lost 10 of their past 13 games. The city of Cincinnati is revisiting the...

The Week in Review (Ravens): More and more disappointing

If you were to ask a Bengals fan how far removed they are from that feeling of total disappointment in the 90s today, you'd get a reaction that would challenge the Age of Helplessism (those years)....

Bengals Week in Review -- Bills week.

A nice change of pace is seeing Rudi Johnson listed as probable with the likelihood that he'll get the start. While many will demand Kenny Watson get the bulk of the carries, he too is listed as...

Bengals Week in Review (Steelers Week): Big questions at RB and trading Chad is a bad idea.

What Kenny Watson did against the Jets, is two-fold. You can't bench a guy that recorded 130 yards rushing, three touchdowns with a FedEx Ground Player of the Week award. If you did, it brings the...

Week in Review: Jets week and prepping Sunday's game

Josh, what's up? Why didn't you include a fantastic four report against the Jets?The reason I didn't include a Fantastic Four report against the New York Jets this week, is because the Bengals have...

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