Game Recaps

Giving Running Back Cedric Benson His Due Following Cincinnati's 23-20 Win


Not only did Cedric Benson post his second 100-yard rushing game of the season against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, he recorded most of it during the second half, posting 87 yards rushing on 11...

Cincinnati Bengals' Top-Ranked Defense Is Justified


Initially we were cautious about making a big deal regarding Cincinnati's top defensive ranking Monday morning for two reasons. One the weekend wasn't over with two teams remaining for Monday Night...

Red Zone Conversions Prove Big In Cincinnati's 23-20 Win Over The Bills


An area of criticism we highlighted last week was the team's general lack of success in the red zone. Now we should point out before anything else that when Cincinnati's offense does reach inside...

Critical Third Down Conversions In The Fourth Quarter Stage Bengals Upset Win


Entering Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills, the Cincinnati Bengals were trending on terrible with third down conversions. Yes, yes. It's one of those beating Barbaro habits we get into (read:...

The Tale Of Two Halves: How The Bengals Brought Down The Undefeated Buffalo Bills


If there were a tail of two halves in an NFL game, this would have been the crowning achievement for any seasoned author. Only 41,142 paid to watch Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills, a...

Film Review: Cincinnati's Third Down Defense Used Pressure And Gap Control Against 49ers


Headlining into last week's game, leaking like a rusty pipe into Cincinnati's week two outing against the Denver Broncos, we're looking at the Bengals offense and their terrible third down...

Firm Review: Charting The Bengals' Best Offensive Possession Against The 49ers


+ The Bengals posted only two possessions that accumulated more than 18 net yards on offense. It was that rough on Sunday. Yet like so many movies with great trailers and a promising introduction,...

When The Bengals Fall Apart, The 49ers Score Ten Points In The Fourth Quarter To Win 13-8


It came down to the fourth quarter, with both teams heading into different directions with a three-three tie. After the Bengals scored a field goal to take 6-3 lead early in the fourth quarter, the...

Bengals Made The Right Call Going For It On Fourth Down


The clock was ticking and the Cincinnati Bengals were on the verge of an explosive win, led by the rookie duo of domination between the special talent of A.J. Green and cool Red, the general in...

If The Bengals Loss Were A Shakespearean Play: The Tragedy Would Be Third Downs


Bengals fans should be encouraged by what they saw out of rookie quarterback Andy Dalton on Sunday; especially the pronounced leadership qualities firing up the troops on the sidelines and in the...

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