Legal/Off Field Issues

Still Waitin': No Decision Made On Cedric Benson's Appeal


After pleading no contest to two assault charges that occurred during the span of a year, Bengals running back Cedric Benson was sentenced to 20 days in jail and fined $2,000. Benson ended up only...

Yahoo! Sports: Adam Jones One Of Eight NFL Players To Be Suspended


According to Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole, Cedric Benson is one of eight players that the NFL and the NFL Players Association "agreed could be suspended under the league’s personal conduct policy for...

Bengals Cedric Benson Denies Having Been Informed Of Suspension, "Strong Case" For Appeal


As we pointed out earlier this afternoon, Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports wrote that Cedric Benson has been notified of a three-game suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy...

UPDATE: Appeal To Be Heard Next Tuesday; Cedric Benson Notified Of A Three-Game Suspension For Play-Conduct Violations


According to Yahoo! Sports' Mike Silver, Bengals running back Cedric Benson has been notified "of a three-game suspension for player-conduct violations" during the lockout. Benson pled no contest...

A Legal Perspective On Jerome Simpson's Situation


Admittedly when cases like Jerome Simpson's are raised from dormancy, we have a certain ignorance with legal issues. Furthermore the limited information being provided for an honest assessment...

Simpson-Gate: Investigators Determining Who Will Prosecute And What Charges Are To Be Filed


Most of you know the reports. For those of you unaware, Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson was excused from practice on Thursday, a day after reports surfaced that 2.5 pounds of marijuana arrived...

Cincinnati Media Confirms Investigation Into Jerome Simpson And Anthony Collins


Reports began emerging Wednesday night that Bengals starting wide receiver Jerome Simpson and backup offensive tackle Anthony Collins were detained and questioned when a "package allegedly...

Commentary: Maybe Employing Patience Over Condemnation Should Be Utilized


Now that we've had time to absorb the news, we have questions about it. Granted the news that a Bengals player received a shipment of 2.5 pounds of marijuana through the mail that was tracked by...

Two Bengals Players Questioned After High-Grade Marijuana Shipment Arrives At Jerome Simpson's House


According to, two Cincinnati Bengals players were questioned by police regarding a "high-grade marijuana" shipment arrived from Northern California to the home of Jerome...

Trial Date Set For Bengals Cornerback Adam Jones


Bengals cornerback Adam Jones entered a plea of not guilty in mid-July on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest at a Cincinnati bar over the summer. On Monday Hamilton County Municipal...

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