The Immediacy Effect

Mike Shula gets fired from Alabama after a 6-6 season. Alabama, unable to discover a coach with values, decides to raid the Miami Dolphins. The Tide pays (a freaking boatload) for a coach likely to...

A Weekend Round-up of NFL playoffs

This reaction by Tom Jackson is hilarious as two of the most decibel challenged analysts in television history debate about who's louder.The ESPN crew led up to Sunday afternoon's round of NFL...

Thinking this weekend's NFL Divisional playoffs... with predictions!

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs is according to script -- teams that won their division are playing each other. With four divisions of only four teams, wouldn't it make the most sense to...

Nominations for the 2007 NFL Hall of Fame Class Released

TANGENT ALERT: The football hall of fame is a different animal compared to the baseball hall of fame. In baseball, you have benchmarks, milestones and long standing history. But it's also a hack of...

AFC Wild Card Updates

I want the Steelers to lose... badly. I want them to win like I want my left toe cut off. A little much? Maybe a little. There's nothing worse than having a Steelers team come to PBS with a goal...

A Day in the NFL - Week 15

3:49: It seems most of the games are done. Buffalo is owning the Dolphins, 21-0. That game didn't have any playoff implications. However, the story of J.P. Losman coming into his own was worth the...

NFL Update: Thinking AFC Wild Card

My non-NFL, non-Bengals post because of an ironic sports related incident that made me smile a little: So what's more dangerous: driving 200 MPH at Talledega with 42 other cars within a half-second...

NFL Update #8

Cowboys 23, Giants 20 . True story. Troy Aikman, with about 10 minutes left in the fourth, was talking about the Giants offense and how penalties are killing their momentum. He ends that the...

NFL Update #7

Jaguars 17, Dolphins 7. Well, since I gave Joey Harrington props for "getting it" with ten minutes to go in the second quarter, he went 0-4 with two interceptions for the rest of the half. Sorry...

NFL Update #6

Cowboys 7, Giants 7. There are just times when you laugh at crazy things in the NFL. For example, Tony Romo throws an interception to Kiwanuka. An oxygen molecule or a 5 MPH gust of wind pushes the...

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