Week 15: Bengals at Steelers

All stories concerning the Cincinnati Bengals game at Pittsburgh for Sunday Night Football on Dec. 15.

Dre Kirkpatrick fined $7,875 against the Steelers


Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick was fined $7,875 on Friday for his face mask penalty against the Steelers.

Dunlap undergoing concussion protocols


Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap is undergoing protocols to deal with his second concussion since August.

Huber Hasn't Heard From Garvin; LB Is Contrite

Bengals punter Kevin Huber is getting started with the rehab of his injury, though he hasn't directly heard from the man responsible, Steelers linebacker Terence Garvin. Though the Pittsburgh...

Seven-year old boy's letter to Kevin Huber


A seven-year old boy wrote a letter to Kevin Huber hoping for a speedy recovery.

NFL VP Of Officiating Deems Huber Hit Illegal

Dean Blandino, The NFL's Vice President of Officiating, appeared on the NFL Network on Tuesday proclaiming that the hit by Terence Garvin on Kevin Huber was an illegal one.

Bengals Week 15 "Unsung Hero Of The Week Award"

We try and find some positives out of the Sunday night loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here are our nominees for the CJ-exclusive weekly award--sound off and vote!

Kevin Huber In Neck Brace, Needs Surgery


Marvin Lewis addressed the media on Tuesday in his weekly press conference and talked about Kevin Huber's status after he sustained a big injury on Sunday night versus the Steelers.

The worst first quarter in 27 years


The Cincinnati Bengals did something against the Pittsburgh Steelers that not even the Bengals of the 90s could have did.

Tomlin "Expects" NFL To Discipline LB Garvin


At his weekly press conference, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the possibility of league discipline on Pittsburgh linebacker, Terence Garvin.

Bengals Got Out-Steelered On Sunday Night

The Bengals received a hefty dose of reality on Sunday night against the Steelers when Pittsburgh truly showed Cincinnati what physical football is really like.


Two concerns developing with the Bengals defense


The Bengals defense hasn't been bad overall. But there are two areas that are concerning.


Kevin Huber's Broken Jaw: Fair or Foul?

Was the hit that Kevin Huber received in Sunday night's loss fair or foul?

Bengals Week 15 "Goat Of The Week Award"

After each Bengals loss this season, we look at some of the players who had the biggest hands in the result. We nominate some players in the Sunday night loss against the Steelers.

The Bengals failed to show up against the Steelers


I understand fans are angry about the loss, but blaming 1 player or the officials is not the answer. The Bengals loss should sit squarely on the team and coaches, nothing else matters.

Kirkpatrick's struggle against the Steelers


Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick believed that he played well. Despite what he says, he struggled and against the Steelers.

Huber headed to IR with cracked vertebrae and jaw


Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber had multiple injuries on a hit (cheap shot) by Steelers Terence Garvin during Antonio Brown's 67-yard punt return for a touchdown that should have never happened.

Bengals grades against the Pittsburgh Steelers


Breaking down the Bengals grades against the Pittsburgh Steelers by position. Hint: it's not good.

Bengals nominations for MVP against the Steelers


I know. It's a loss. But since we've done an MVP for every game, including a loss, we must. Let's just get through this.

Kevin Huber responds on Twitter


Bengals punter Kevin Huber suffered a fractured jaw against the Steelers on Sunday.

Bengals motivated after Steelers loss


The Cincinnati Bengals lost a bad one against the Pittsburgh Steelers but it hardly ends the season. The loss only motivates the Bengals that much more -- at least they're saying the right things.

Bengals vs. Steelers: Bengals Snap Distribution


Taking a look at the Bengals snap distribution on offense and defense during the team's 30-20 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bengals winners and losers against the Steelers


Taking a look at the winners and losers in a game filled with losing.

Morning Bite: Bengals lose to Steelers edition


We take a look at the reactions and recaps from Cincinnati's 30-20 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL Playoff Picture: Scenarios become complicated


The Cincinnati Bengals loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers has complicated the postseason picture.

Reviewing Bengals injuries against the Steelers


Taking a quick look at the players that were hurt against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the impact it could have this week against the Minnesota Vikings.

Steelers knock out Bengals 30-20


The Cincinnati Bengals were badly beaten in a 21-0 first quarter that eventually lead to a 30-20 loss in a game against an old opponent on national television. We expected anything different?

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