Bengals Vs. Texans (2012)

Stories, news and updates regarding Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans.

Different Year, Same Broken Bengals Record


The Bengals had another promising season get wiped out prematurely as they lost to the Texans in the first round of the playoffs once again. To say that the pattern is getting old would be a major...

Flawed Gameplan Involved Everyone But Green


The Cincinnati Bengals offense struggled badly on Saturday, especially in the first half when A.J. Green didn't see a single pass. What were they thinking?

Revisiting Bengals Five Keys Against The Texans


We offered a five keys breakdown during our All You Need To Know posting. We take a look at how that worked out.

Texans Bounce Bengals Out Of The Playoffs (Again)

The season is over. There is no tomorrow, no next week, no next game. There won't be a chance for the Bengals to redeem themselves, a forget this game, until early September.


The Bengals offense stinks. The defense is playing better, but as good as they have. This is the second half open thread.


OPEN THREAD: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans

The Cincinnati Bengals open the 2012 playoff weekend for the NFL in a rematch against the Houston Texans.

Bengals at Texans Inactive List: Crocker Out


Bengals safety Chris Crocker is out against the Houston Texans. Here's the rest of the inactive list.

Bengals at Texans: All You Need To Know


A collections of stories, previews and information heading into the wild card round between the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans.

Bengals' Join NFL Elite With Recent Playoff Berth


The Bengals join six of the NFL perennial powerhouses with their third postseason berth in the last four seasons. Is this the budding of a dynasty in Cincinnati?


Defense Leads The Bengals To Houston This Weekend


The Cincinnati Bengals pass rush and the overall defense led Cincinnati from 3-5 to a postseason that begins in Houston this weekend.

Bengals Greatest Challenge Offers Greatest Key


Despite the momentum and confidence, the Cincinnati Bengals have a massive task in front of them this weekend.

Shift In Confidence Highlights Postseason Rematch


Momentum has been highly referenced when comparing the Bengals and Texans. But there is a shift of differing confidence between the two fanbases.

Bengals S Crocker Doubtful Against The Texans


Cincinnati Bengals safety Chris Crocker may not have an opportunity to redeem himself after his poor performance last year in the playoffs.



The Bengals are ready to win in the playoffs whether you are or not.

Barnwell Picks Texans Over The Bengals


We'll be taking a single-post approach and reacting to predictions for Saturday's game between the Bengals and Texans.

Adam Jones Is Extra Motivated


Adam Jones is fired up and ready to redeem his poor play in last year's postseason loss.

More Talk Of Momentum Between Texans and Bengals


There's plenty of talk about Cincinnati's regular season run, going 7-1 in the second half of the season while the Texans struggled in December.

PRIMER: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans


All you can eat buffet between the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans.

Bengals And Texans Heading In Different Directions


When the Houston Texans host the Cincinnati Bengals this Saturday, it will be a battle between two squads that ended the regular season on different notes.

Texans Starting LB Brooks Reed Returns To Practice


Reed is a strong pass rusher that's missed several games due to a Thanksgiving groin injury against the Lions.

Bengals Pass Rush Grabbing The Texans Attention


The Cincinnati Bengals have one of the league's top passes rushes on the defensive line. And the Texans know that.

Bengals Have Energy And Experience To Beat Houston


The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to reach more milestones this weekend in Houston with a win over the Texans.

Just Being In The Playoffs Is Not The Bengals Goal


The Cincinnati Bengals and their fans are tired of just making the postseason. Now it's time for a win.

Cincinnati Bengals Practicing Indoors On Tuesday


The Cincinnati Bengals are moving shop back to the indoor practice facility at the University of Cincinnati.

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