Cincinnati Bengals Ticket Sales

Stories involving ticket sales for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bengals ticket packs go on sale Thursday (May 8)


The schedule is set. And now tickets will go on sale for this year's regular schedule games at 9 a.m. on Thursday (May 8).

Bengals announce ticket prices for 2014


The Cincinnati Bengals have announced their ticket prices for the 2014 season. Some will remain unchanged while others will see a slight increase.

Timeline of Cincinnati Bengals ticket crisis '13


We break down the series of events that led to the Bengals selling out their playoff game against the San Diego Chargers.

Bengals announce sell out against the Chargers

After a lot of concern and nervousness, the Cincinnati Bengals have announced that Sunday's game against the Chargers has finally sold out.

Kroger buys tickets, will distribute on Saturday


In an effort to help sell out Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers, Kroger purchases a "large quantity" of tickets and will distribute them to US Military veterans and active duty service...

Bengals received extension to sell out

The Cincinnati Bengals have received an extension from the NFL to sell their remaining unsold tickets for this weekend's game against the San Diego Chargers.

Berding: Announcement on extension or BO later


Cincinnati Bengals Director of Sales and Public Affairs Jeff Berding provided an update on 700 WLW.

Jeff Ruby buys tickets to donate


Ticket updates for Bengals, Colts and Packers


As the television black out approaches for Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Green Bay, we take a look at how far everyone is from selling out.

Not buying Chad Johnson purchasing unpaid tickets


Originally we had decided to leave the story alone because we figured it was Chad being Chad. But others actually thought it could happen.


Team working on extension with 8k tix remaining

The Cincinnati Bengals announced Wednesday afternoon that 8,000 tickets remain for Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers. The team is working with the league for an extension.

Ticket updates for the Colts and Packers

The Indianapolis Colts are in a similar situation as the Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers, all of whom have unpaid tickets available, which may force a local TV black out in those markets.

Threat of a blackout looms large


Three teams hosting playoff games this weekend are struggling to push tickets and if they're unable to sell out by their respective deadline, those markets will be blacked out.

Bengals ticket sales not good enough

The Cincinnati Bengals released a statement on Tuesday that Sunday's game may not sell out by Thursday's deadline unless the rate of ticket sales increases.

Bengals aren't alone with unsold playoff tickets


The Cincinnati Bengals have over 10,000 tickets remaining, but they're not alone. Indianapolis and Green Bay both have tickets remaining for their respective home playoff game.

Bengals announce over 10,000 tickets still remain

The Cincinnati Bengals updated their ticket sales on Monday, saying that over 10,000 unpaid tickets still remain, despite having a good day on Monday. If they fail to sell the game out by Thursday,...

Bengals fans and unsold playoff tickets, part II


We have a few more things to say about the unsold playoff tickets, including the implications if the Bengals first playoff game isn't sold out.

Bengals fans and unsold playoff tickets


The story of the Cincinnati Bengals having over 10,000 unsold playoff tickets will gain momentum next week. And it should.

Bengals announce 10,000 playoff tickets remain

It appears that the Bengals are panicking a little, despite having that many tickets remain for games without any dates or times.

Bengals announce sell out against the Ravens

The Cincinnati Bengals sold out their regular season finale against the Baltimore Ravens.

Bengals announce sell out against the Vikings


The Cincinnati Bengals waited until the last moment, but the team announced on Friday that Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings has sold out.

Black out looming? Bengals receive extension


The Cincinnati Bengals are having a hard time selling tickets for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings. The league granted a 24 hour extension to sell the remainder of those tickets.

Bengals "still not close" to selling out this week


Despite having a critical game this weekend against the Minnesota Vikings, Paul Brown Stadium may not even sell out this weekend.

Bengals announce Colts game has sold out

The Cincinnati Bengals game against the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday has sold out.

Bengals announce game against Browns has sold out

The Cincinnati Bengals continue to sell out home games, announcing that Sunday's division game against the Browns has sold out.

Cincinnati Bengals announce Jets game sold out


The Cincinnati Bengals announced that Sunday's game against the New York Jets has sold out.

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