Chad Johnson Campaign

Brandon Thompson: I'll Do Whatever It Takes For The Bengals To Win


When it was announced that Clemson defensive tackle Brandon Thompson would become Cincinnati's fifth draft pick, selected at No. 93 overall, some didn't react with a strong emphasis of joy. Don't...

Report: Bengals want a first-round and third-round pick for Chad Johnson


I admit, when there's a "story of the day" or something close to it, I bleed it to a bloody pulp. Chad Johnson. Yes, we're back again. ESPN's John Clayton, via Rotoworld, said that he believes t...

Report: Johnson about to lose $250,000 workout bonus... again


Last off-season, around this time, we wrote that Chad Johnson is forgoing his $250,000 workout bonus while demanding to be traded. Obviously, while not attending voluntary off-season programs,...

Chad Johnson isn't even considered in New York; but he's on the trading block?


+ One would think that when a team like the New York Giants release wide receiver Plaxico Burress, that veteran wide receiver Chad Johnson could receive some chatter for trade possibilities. After...

Chad Johnson isn't with the team for offseason program


Chad Johnson isn't with the team to start the offseason program, writes James Walker. "I'm not worried about him; I'm worried about the guys we have here," Palmer said at a news conference...

When knowing that Chad Johnson wants to be traded; not needing offeseason programs


[Note: whether or not it's legally his name, we're still not willing to call Chad Johnson, Chad Ocho Cinco] There has been considerable amount of talk about whether or not Chad Johnson will show...

Drew Rosenhaus claims Chad Johnson on trading block


First of all, I wanted to thank Chris for his awesome work Thursday while I was "indisposed". Apparently the people at work expect me to get paid for some things. The nerve, I know. One thing that C...

Year in Review: The Roller Coaster Ride of Chad Johnson


You knew that 2008 was going to be a rough season when the days preceding Super Bowl XLII was heavily inundated by Chad Johnson interviews. Not the kind funny man that we once knew, no. This was a...

Resuming Chad Johnson's Character-Suicide Campaign


It showed up in my news feed this morning. Chad Johnson deactivated. There was no reason for it, it was written, so we weren't sure what happened; just that he violated team rules. Two thoughts...

Chad overslept team meeting, benched for Thursday's game


UPDATING SLEEPY CHAD: It would seem that Schefter's version of getting into with someone in the organization and leaving a team meeting was slightly off. When someone gets into it, we don't think...


Chad Johnson is back!


Either Chad Johnson decided that his character-suicide campaign this off-season was bad advice from Oil Slick; changing his own tactic (i.e., just getting ready to play). Or Oil Slick threw up the...

Thinking out loud: If Chad dumps Rosenhaus...


Drew Rosenhaus said that Chad Johnson will "be at training camp." But it would appear that once Rosenhaus didn't have constant contact with Johnson, that Chad was slowly rejoining the team. The...

Mike Brown needs to step up... now.

3 senior columnist, Thomas George, spoke with Mike Brown "at length" and made the following comments during an NFL Network segment by Scott Hanson who asked George for a summary. "Three...

Chad Johnson and Marvin Lewis caught talking on mic


If you haven't had the chance to watch this video, I suggest it. It's an exchange between Marvin Lewis and Chad Johnson; I'm sure unbeknownst to the both of them. It was quick: Marvin Lewis: “When...

Is Chad actually unifying the Bengals -- by accident?


I drove home from Dayton this evening, over 30 miles south on I-75 from my severely under-paying real-time gig, and it hit me: I hadn't thought or spoken about Chad Johnson for three full hours. It...

Chad Johnson refuses to practice


Early this morning, we were shocked he returned to practice and jogged onto the field. Even heard from various sources he was catching passes, running routes, talking to other players while other...

Chad Johnson running drills, but not practicing


In this Hobson piece -- which appears to be the same running piece -- says that Johnson is running drills, but has Charles Collins, Johnson's "closest mentor and junior college position coach."...

Chad Johnson is in Cincinnati; at Paul Brown Stadium


Listening to "Cut Man" this morning, callers are making the claim that they "saw" Chad Johnson on a late flight into Cincinnati over the morning (well, minutes after midnight makes it morning, but...

Does Palmer see the Bengals better without Chad?


Is there any doubt that Carson Palmer is starting to finally accept his role as leader? Through all of Chad Johnson's complaints and disdain for the Bengals, demanding trades (or threatening...

At Least One Offer of Two "Firm" First-Round Picks Made for Chad


Oil Slick made an appearance on's draft coverage saying that the Cincinnati Bengals have had at least one firm trade offer of two first-round picks. Not a conditional third, but a second...

Want Chad? Two First Round Picks, Established Player and $5 Million of Johnson's Paid Bonuses


During ESPN's Draft telecast, Merrill Hoge explained the Bengals demands for Chad Johnson -- something we haven't heard yet. If you want Chad Johnson, you'll have to give up two first-round picks...

What was that condition on the conditional third-round pick?


Just a real quick amendment regarding the refused trade between the Bengals and the Redskins for Chad Johnson. For sure, the Bengals would have received a first-round pick in 2008. The conditional...

Drew and Chad are now Begging like Weasels. This is GREAT!


Chris Henry begged -- or is it bugged -- the judge during an April 22 hearing to allow him more "freedom" while waiting a trial on assault charges. Another hearing is scheduled for May 6. Not that...

Questioning Hobson's Logic on Chad Johnson


It's not that I disrespect Geoff Hobson, but there are times that I think he misses points -- or becomes oblivious to the team's bottom line -- make the team and ownership look good. For example,...

There are options for Chad Johnson trade


CincyJungle made an upgrade. Read this first to get acquired to the site (like obtaining your old usernames). Teams looking to acquire disgruntled wide receivers enters day #1,673. Since the...

UPDATE II: Confirmed. Trade Offer Was Made.


UPDATE II: Alright, alright. So, the report was truthful now. "Once I actually read what was reported, I have to be truthful and say that the story is accurate," Lewis told ESPN. "Unfortunately, I...

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