Chad Johnson Campaign

Bengals keep saying no to Chad Johnson trade, but to what end?

Not long after we posted a musing post about the Eagles and Chad Johnson, NFL Network's Adam Schefter reiterates the Bengals position since day one. No. No. No. Almost like a five-year old refusing...

Eagles looking for vet wide receiver. Chad Johnson?

There's an interesting development coming out of the Philadelphia camp. Perhaps it's nothing more than reading too much into it -- after all, I REALLY really want Chad Johnson to be somewhere else...

Tying up loose ends for Friday

We first wanted to point out that on April 23, 2008, this web site will go through a massive change which includes -- though not limited to -- graphical redesign, network-wide memberships, a better...

Bengals should donate Johnson's missed checks to charity

UPDATE II: Even his boy, T.J. Houshmandzadeh agrees that the Bengals should trade the prima donna. Sure, he could be saying that simply to help out his friend. Though we wonder. Houshmandzadeh...

Oil Slick and Marvin were certainly talking about the success of the Reds

Peter King had this take/observation regarding a "meeting" between Oil Slick and Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis: 2. I think this is the scene at the NFL meetings that few who saw it will soon...

With Henry's release, Chad becomes Bengals idiot

The Pro Football Talk guys provide their take on Chris Henry.Marvin Frazier (Chris Henry's agent) expressed thanks -- appearing as a father figure to Henry in that he's apologetic to those that he...

Chad Johnson Responds to Marvin Lewis' Comments

If there's anyone that suspects that Chad Johnson is a "team player", surely, Johnson's recent interview on SportsCenter changes that.By my count, Chad referenced himself (either through "I", "me"...

Oh dear god, not another Chad Johnson post

Yeap, another one. Rumors are that the Dallas Cowboys are in play trading for a front line wide receiver -- like, for example, Chad Johnson. Roy Williams and Anquan Boldin were named as "potential"...

Lewis, again, reiterates that Chad Johnson is going nowhere

Marvin Lewis spoke. While you sat on the edge of your seat for some Chad Johnson fodder, you'll note that most of what he said was status quo. There were some interesting comments. "Unfortunately...

Would the Bengals be better without Chad Johnson?

In some respects, a good argument was made during the New York Giants Super Bowl run, that the team actually became better when Tiki Barber retired and Jeremy Shockey went on IR for the season....

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