David Pollack Injury

David Pollack Retires

A long time coming, Bengals outside linebacker, David Pollack has officially retired from football. I'm sure everyone remembers that play that ended his career a distant year-and-a-half ago and the...

Reports tell us that there's nothing new with Pollack... yet.

A quick David Pollack update.There is no update. A decision nears though on whether he should return to football or not. Returning, most likely in a defensive end capacity, would give the Bengals...

Pollack's Announcement has No Timetable

We can't understand what David Pollack is confronted with. Not many people have the opportunity to make life-changing choices -- a reset button of sorts. The announcement won't come indefinitely....

Pollack's D-Day Coming Soon.

I have a source close to the situation that it's entirely possible that David Pollack could either retire, play or sit another season -- sorry, that's a reference to Pro Football Talk. As it seems,...

Pollack's Surgery: No complications

David Pollack's recovery is one step closer... Bengals linebacker David Pollack underwent surgery earlier today to address a fracture of the C6 vertebra and related damage. Spine specialist Dr....

UPDATE: Pollack's Career "in doubt"

The future for David Pollack, as he says, depended on whether or not he required surgery. If he did, then his career was "likely" over. Linebacker David Pollack of the Cincinnati Bengals needs...

Pollack has Halo removed

Muddled with Reggie McNeal's goal to match Michael Irvin's resume, David Pollack finally had his Halo removed Thursday. "The doctor said the fracture was healed, but the disc space wasn't what he...

Decision soon for David Pollack

The David Pollack situation is really a sad story. His rookie season was filled with frustration early, but ended with tons of promise. He held out during training camp and struggled to adapt from...

More on David Pollack: Fractured C-6 Vertebrae

The doctor released details about David Pollack's injury. "The main thing is he does have a C-6 (vertebra) fracture," said Dr. Anthony Guanciale, director of orthopedic spine surgery at University...

It's official: Pollack out for season, "neck injury"

Update [2006-9-18 18:6:13 by Kirkendall]:: Since no confirmation was made regarding Pollack's injury, other than it being a "neck injury", I think you should take the below letter as a grain of...


Broken vertebrae?

There's concern that David Pollack MAY have broken a vertebrae in his neck. I'm sure we'll hear more during this afternoon's press conference. There's a lot of concern about his injury and if it...

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