Chris Crocker think Andy Dalton needs a mentor


"That’s something that I really think Andy is missing is that sort of mentor. Coaches can tell you one thing and they can say what they’ve seen and situations they’ve been in, but it’s different coming from an older guy. At the least I’d like to see that happen for him to have a real mentor," said Chris Crocker during a Sirius XM NFL Radio interview.

Robert Ayers coming for a visit


Robert Ayers will visit the Bengals on Tuesday

— Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) March 17, 2014

"Teams that win the offseason don't usually win the postseason."


Teams making the kind of free-agent shopping expenditures that Denver just made have not seen the story end happily. The on-paper improvement that seemed so obvious in March has not translated to on-field production in the fall. Miami last year, Philadelphia in 2011, Washington in any number of the early seasons of Daniel Snyder's ownership -- they all fit the profile. Dismiss the trend if you dare, but NFL teams that win the offseason don't usually win the postseason.

Don Banks with Sports Illustrated

Darren Sproles wants Saints to cut him


Saints RB Darren Sproles on the handling of his future: "I want to get released. I don't want to be traded. I don't know where they would send me because I have no control over it and I want to be able to pick. The good thing is none of the teams I'm told they're talking to are terrible. It's more than two. I feel I should have more of an idea later on today."



First, my hunch is Michael Johnson will be one of the Vikings' top free-agent priorities. He's played and excelled in Mike Zimmer's system, and though Zimmer said on Thursday "it's not imperative" for him to have players who have played for him, he added, "it always helps because of the communication." Zimmer prizes clarity and shared responsibility on defense, and having a player who knows how it's supposed to work could be a big help.

Ben Goessling at ESPN

Aaron Murray on the chance to play with A.J. Green again


"I'll play anywhere, but the chance to get to play with A.J. (Green) again would be incredible," Murray said. "He's an unbelievable receiver and one of the best in the NFL. We had a good relationship and chemistry in college, so it would be nice to hook up with him again."

Dayton Daily News

Bengals Free agency Mailbag


"With respect to the players they're hoping to keep, I think the Bengals should make strong runs at just about all of their free agents, especially defensive end Michael Johnson and offensive tackle Anthony Collins. I still believe only one of the two will ultimately be kept, but offers should be made to both."

ESPN's Coley Harvey

Jaws: I Wouldn’t Take Manziel In First Three Rounds


"Manziel may fall. I'm not crazy about him, to be honest with you," Ron Jaworski said. "I've only looked at five games. I wouldn't take him in the first three rounds. That's my opinion. It's incomplete right now. But he has not done a whole lot to me."

Philadelphia Magazine
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