Duke Tobin on Cincinnati's newest coordinators


"The positive thing is we know them and they know us. We know how the other person works. I have no reservations about Hue and Paul’s ability to evaluate. I don’t see us dropping off. Those guys jump in feet first and attack it and have been big parts of what we have done in the draft in the past."

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Andre Caldwell on Bengals


"The way they were playing defense and scoring and playing so well at home, I thought they were going to make it to play us," Caldwell said. "I never thought they'd lose that first game."

Andre Caldwell on the Bengals

300-yard passers


NFL quarterbacks were just 60-58 in 2013 in games in which they threw for 300 or more yards. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady combined to go 24-4 in such outings. The rest of the quarterbacks were an aggregate 36-54

NFP Sunday Blitz

Marvin Lewis on losing both coordinators


"It’s unique. Obviously, it’s very unique, and I think for that going into the offseason for me it’s got to be different. I’m standing here before you today. It’s a unique situation and that’s my job to address it right away and to understand that this offseason will not be like last offseason or the offseason before that. There’s real work to do. We’ve got new people we’ve got to get them up to speed right away. We’re going to have some new coaches on defense, two other new coaches on defense, and we’ve got new spots on offense and we’re going to have to go to work. This offseason is not going to be like any offseason we’ve had recently. It’ll be way different."

Could Zimmer stay in Cincy?


"If I get offered one of these jobs and I don't feel good about it, you know me -- I'm going to do what I think is best," Zimmer said inside an empty Bengals locker room Monday afternoon. "The people in Cincinnati are pretty nice to me," he added before chuckling. "They don't know that I'm a bad coach yet." "This team, this defensive team with the pieces we have, if we can keep them going, has a chance to be something really special. I know we were good this year, but we have a chance to be something really special." - Zimmer

AJ & Jones


Chad and Henry were 85+15=100 I propose AJ & Jones are 18+82=100


Guenther on his linebackers


"Our guys do a great job of feeding off each other. Whether it's defense or special teams. How can you help us win? What's your role? It can be ever-changing. We've got guys on the shelf (Emmanuel Lamur, fourth-rounder Sean Porter, nickel backer Taylor Mays, Brandon Joiner). James is playing more nickel. Vinny Rey is a special teams guy who's starting. It's amazing because all of our guys have been on the field."

Bengals LB coach Paul Guenther on his linebackers

Former Bengals DB on Thomas Howard


"Great guy," Miles said. "He always took care of all of the young players, took us out to dinner. Everything was always on him, never wanted you to pay. It's rough when something happens to a good guy like that."

Former Bengals DB Jeromy Miles on Thomas Howard

Death of Mike McCormack


On the Friday before their biggest game in a quarter of a century, a Hall of Fame Browns player who coached for the Bengals, died. Mike McCormack, who Browns and Bengals founder Paul Brown called the greatest offensive lineman he ever coached when he presented him in Canton, passed away at 83. Between his stints as a head coach in Philadelphia (1973-75) and in Baltimore (1980-81), McCormack coached the Bengals offensive line from 1976-79 under head coaches Tiger Johnson and Homer Rice.

MMQB Interviews Geno Atkins


Wait, wait, wait, wait. Did Geno Atkins, who has been known to toss a few 330-pound offensive linemen into the air and onto their backside, just admit he courted his girlfriend with a hand-written love note?

MMQB - Movie Night with Geno Atkins

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