Death of Mike McCormack

On the Friday before their biggest game in a quarter of a century, a Hall of Fame Browns player who coached for the Bengals, died. Mike McCormack, who Browns and Bengals founder Paul Brown called the greatest offensive lineman he ever coached when he presented him in Canton, passed away at 83. Between his stints as a head coach in Philadelphia (1973-75) and in Baltimore (1980-81), McCormack coached the Bengals offensive line from 1976-79 under head coaches Tiger Johnson and Homer Rice.

MMQB Interviews Geno Atkins

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Did Geno Atkins, who has been known to toss a few 330-pound offensive linemen into the air and onto their backside, just admit he courted his girlfriend with a hand-written love note?

MMQB - Movie Night with Geno Atkins

When you win, say nothing.

When you lose, say less - Paul Brown

Reggie Bush on Giovani Bernard

"I've seen some of his highlights; he's a playmaker," Bush said Wednesday during his conference call with the Cincinnati media. "He's a guy that goes out there and makes plays. Especially when you get him out in space, he can really hurt you. He's definitely a great player for them and obviously a great addition for that offense. He plays that role very well and they use him well. I'll definitely go over and introduce myself before the game."

WOW. Didn't know the play!

WOW. Bengals Andrew Whitworth interviewed by Lap after the game said when they went for it on fourth down, half the people didn't know the play.

ESPN 1530 post game interview with lap

J.K. Schaffer on playing MNF against the Steelers

"I found out about four hours before the game that I was going to be playing, so that was a crazy feeling," the linebacker said. "Being a kid from Cincinnati, that’s a dream come true playing Monday Night Football against the Steelers. I was on Cloud 9, that’s for sure, and it was special and I’ll never forget it."

Cincinnati Enquirer

Bengals O-Line coach on Willie Anderson's Hall of Fame Candidacy

"He was the best right tackle in our generation of football. I think it's obvious," Alexander said. "l would think it's obvious. I would think anyone who is the best in their position over time is certainly worthy." "He had some years he gave up zero sacks, which is ridiculous."

Why John Legend loves the Bengals

I’ve been a fan of the Bengals through thick and thin—and there’s been a lot of thin. I’m from Springfield, Ohio, and I grew up loving Boomer Esiason, Eddie Brown, James Brooks, Anthony Muñoz. Sometimes I’ve been frustrated that management hasn’t seemed to be into it to win, but lately I love our direction. Getting Andy Dalton and A.J. Green in the same draft was vital. Signing Geno Atkins long-term was huge. Seems like the players aren’t trying to get out of town the way they always used to be. I like our chances this year.

John Legend is a grammy-award winning singer and song-writer


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Smells Like A Tiger!

"Real Tiger Sweat, that's how you know it's the real thing!"


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