I Wonder..

The 2011 Cincinnati Bengals: A Team of Hope, A Team of Fears


Can the Bengals succeed if players don't want to be here?

If Andy Dalton Isn't Ready, Should Jordan Palmer Start at QB?


If Andy Dalton isn't ready, should the Bengals starting QB job fall to Jordan Palmer?

Matt Jones for Tight End?


Will the Bengals move newly-signed Matt Jones to tight end?

Identity and the Bengals: Who Are We and What Should We Do (to be something better)?


Bengals and identity. Running and passing. Who are the Bengals, who should they be, and how they can get there.

With the Bengals Flexing Their Muscle; Will NBC Flex Their Schedule?


The NFL is coming up into their Flex Schedule with NBC where they can move a high value game into the prime time slot. With the Bengals playing well but not slated for prime time, could one or more...

Will We See Andre Smith Against the Ravens?


Will Andre Smith Play Against the Ravens?

Buying a Bengals Jersey Sucks


Buying a Bengals jersey sucks.

Thank You For Carson Palmer


This post might not be what you think it is and it may very well be more suited for the Fan Posts section, but something occurred to me while we've been going back in time, to the beginning of...

I wonder... about Sunday and Bengals running backs


Having some wondering moments? Me too.I wonder......what we should expect against the Dolphins.I hate to sound confident -- they've burnt my expectations like a wild fire -- but there's no reason...

A little snow never hurt anyone


The Cincinnati Enquirer picked up the story about Bengals tickets this year being available and sold at less than face value. Even though the tickets are sold through ticket agencies (who buy games...


Wacky tangents for the roof being on fire


To say that I've had a crazy past few days would be a complete understatement. As typical with normal life, I've had some real curve balls thrown my way. A fire at my apartment complex forced...

I wonder: About the Bengals playoff chances.


...if we're going to actually hear about Chad Johnson's celebration during rare domination.In his weekly "observations" Mike Sando says: Wide receiver Chad Johnson stole the spotlight against the...

Bengals mid-season report card... mostly me just whining


Monday's feature piece: Bengals recap on 21-33 loss to the Buffalo Bills.We're half way through the season and man, we're rock bottom. On defense, it's simply lacking personnel. On offense, it's a...

Random musings of a muser


The best part about football after a demoralizing loss, is the next week. No longer is there time to reflect the Browns game. No longer is there constant revision of August projections. It's time...

The hangover is unbearable... also taking a look around NFL SB Nation


I have to say, I have some of the best readers -- all five you. Kudos. Most of the comments here and the emails -- bunches -- I've received have all had that calming criticism of the team rather...

Chad to leap in the Dawg Pound, O'Neal's dog bites and Patriots in the doghouse


Question. If Chad Johnson jumps into the Dawg Pound, will we see him again? Will he fall into an alternate dimension like Alessa Gillespe unable to break free back into our own realm? Will he...

I wonder... about the Bengals season


...how much we're going to welcome back Chris Henry -- and how much grief you're going to give me for supporting Henry.I've heard overwhelming support that Tab Perry will be a suitable replacement...

Do fans have the right to boo players? Hell yea we do.


Who knew that Reds left fielder was so sensitive regarding remarks from local (about to be national) radio host, Bill Cunningham? In the game, a base-running error by Dunn cost the Reds two runs in...

I wonder... about the Bengals cut-down day


...why Ed Hartwell was cut.If you're on a roster bubble, you better contribute to special teams. But I admit, I'm slightly surprised. With Rashad Jeanty most likely down against Baltimore, Ahmad...

I wonder... about Vick, Bonds and Strahan


If people truly understand their point when defending Vick.Well, not defending. Some thinkers wonder why we're so quick to hang Michael Vick for his dog fighting ring. What gets me is how quickly...

I wonder... about the crisis of sports integrity


We're bringing back the "I Wonder..." series. This series was simply a way to pose a topic originating from my badly damaged stem of a brain. Typically, these ran each week following the game....

Marvin Lewis on the hot seat? Hardly.


This Jim Walker, Ironton Online piece, really gets it wrong. Walker claims that Cleveland Browns head coach, Romeo Crennel and Cincinnati Bengals head coach, Marvin Lewis, is on the hot seat. The...

Well, At Least I'm Entertained.


Many wonder what's going through Billy Donovan's head. After signing a five-year, $27.5 million contract, the former Florida head coach is rethinking his decision after somber goodbyes at Florida....

The tricky world of presuming an assumption.


I was disappointed and shocked that Lewis would entertain a profiling question from Dan Patrick. But I often find that I lose confidence in the way people absorb information and react. For example,...

Pointless Post-Memorial Day Weekend Post


I trust everyone had a great Memorial weekend. Some went out of town, I did not. Extended days away from work, typically, provide enough relief that I don't need to spend a paycheck just for gas on...

General Discussion: Why do we do it?


I have to admit, contracts for players are simply ridiculous. Paying $63 million, over seven years, voids simplistic priority. It even begs the question why CEO's, who get ripped for their...

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