I Wonder..

Justin Smith on the block?

What could we possibly get by trading Justin Smith?The idea of trading Justin Smith doesn't come without its logic. The price tag of a $8.6 million one-year contract -- thanks to the Franchise tag...

Who will replace Rich Braham?

Rich Braham was the definition of working man. He was a consummate professional and a valued teammate. His old Bengals pals always speak of him with the utmost respect. When he was carted off...

Is Roger Goodell doing this for show?

What exactly is Roger Goodell's angle?We keep hearing change. Stricter conduct policies. Roger Goodell is taking charge of the embarrassing conduct issues that's exponentially affecting the...

Breaking down off-season roster

So far, the Bengals have 57 players signed on their current off-season roster (32 on offense, 24 on defense and one on special teams). The breakdown (bold indicates starters):OFFENSEQuarterback (2) ...

Don't worry about free agency. We'll be fine.

In Mark Curnutte's latest, he headlined a piece called "Bengals Quiet in Free Agency". I thought, well, yea. The Bengals this off-season have focused on signing our own, prepping season-long...

Porter cut. Destination: Cincinnati?

OK, listen -- well, read -- just for a moment. I'm not suggesting we pick up a player just because of their name. Well, not entirely at least. One of my best buds, as patient as he is to hear my...

Bengals interested in Daniel Graham and Patrick Ramsey?

This Boston Herald piece discusses that free agent tight end, Daniel Graham, is ready to test the free agency market. Graham, who was made a captain in midseason, is likely to be the most sought...

Brian Simmons fallout and Takeo Spikes returns to Cincinnati?

When you follow a team as long as most of us have, you start getting attached to the long standing players. For example, Willie Anderson is my favorite player. Obviously because of his talent, but...

The Bengals are better without Brian Simmons?

If you understand the team's decision to cut ties with Brian Simmons, then perhaps you're a more understanding person than I am. If you're confident that the current group of linebackers will be...

Steinbach is adios. What happens if Kelly isn't re-signed?

As Steinbach closes his Cincinnati chapter, the urgency shifts towards signing role players, Geoff Hobson writes. And even that might be a struggle. The Bengals are focused on trying to get role...

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