I Wonder..

Small Market Teams in Trouble?

Mike Brown is wondering if the NFL will follow the MLB trend where large market teams use a smaller percentage of their revenue than small market teams. The new CBA, which Brown voted against, will...

I wonder... about franchising Justin Smith.

Franchising Justin Smith, while somewhat expected, makes you wonder: Why the tag? The dead-line to franchise/transition players is February 22 -- a full week away after the day it was announced....

Will the Bengals go after a running back during free agency?

The two-running-back system is one of those "trends" we're seeing in the NFL. You have one guy that can pound third-and-one situations and another that adds versatility. But the logic is, if you...

Deltha O'Neal could be cut

John Clayton wrote, when looking ahead to 2007, that the Bengals could cut Deltha O'Neal. He didn't say much. "The Bengals might cut cornerback Deltha O'Neal." That's about as close to...

Lewis hints at off-season plans

I was riding in my friends car one day a few years back to the Jack Nicholas Golf Course (or whatever the hell it's called these days) when in the parking lot walked Marvin Lewis. He was talking on...

Understanding the character question and the Pro Bowl is NOT for the fans

On Wednesday, the best Redskins blog on the net, Hogs Haven, wrote up a piece about character which I followed up. Well, spun-off would be more accurate. Of course, I was tagged as the guy that...

Riddle me this...

Welcome to the NFL. Where the commissioner believes that bad behavior is top priority but the extent of punishing cheaters is... get this, banishment from the Pro Bowl. Ata boy, Roger.

Ah, it's the Super Bowl

Ah, it's the Super Bowl. The standard of sports entertainment. The dream of dreamers. The goal of marketing success. The rise of NFL legends. The ring that not only proves your success, but turns...

The NFL runs off the free market, not the morals and actions of its players

I've often said that sports is for fun. No more. It's a recreational, mindless and spirited value of entertainment. But as I'm quickly learning, the acts of the Cincinnati Bengals is creating a...

Can one man dominate a team sport?

When it comes to focus and the ability to perform under the most intense pressure, there's no one better than Tiger Woods. There are few athletes that dominate their sport like Woods. Roger Federer...

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