Our mailbag feature.

Mailbag: Cincy RBs Fantasy Value, Manning The Slot


We answer a couple of reader questions on this Memorial Day weekend.

Mailbag: Drafting QB's, Questions On Burfict

We address some reader questions and an issue involving a high-profile Bengals player.

Mailbag: Looking At Kyle Shanahan, Schaub In Cincy


We go over some of the burning questions in the minds of Bengaldom, including the coaching changes in Cleveland and the possibility of Matt Schaub being a good fit in Cincinnati.

Mailbag: Bengals Taking Notes On Super Bowl Teams?


We address some of the cloudiness surrounding the Bengals, particularly with the question of what the team's offseason plan should be.

Mailbag: Trading Zim For Marv; Talking QBs


In the wake of the Bengals' loss to the Chargers on Sunday, my Twitter account has been going ballistic with questions and comments about the team's future. We address a few of the more interesting...

Mailbag: Steelers Still A Concern For Bengals?


A recent Twitter conversation made the cut for a post here at CJ. This one revolves around the AFC North rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

TweetBag: Blaming Marvin And A.J.'s Effort

I decided to expand on some thoughts and opinions that have come up over the past few days in the wake of the Bengals' loss to the Ravens.

Mailbag: Talking running backs and trades


We take a few minutes to respond to questions from twitter. Questions surround Bernard Scott, the battle for running back, and if there's a trade possibility for cornerbacks.

Will Giovani Bernard Be The Starting RB In 2013?


The Bengals spent a high 2013 draft pick on an exciting running back that will bring a few new dimensions to the offense. Will the Bengals trust the rookie with the starting job?

Mailbag: A Spot For Dansby And Which Free Agent RB


We take a look at an interesting question from one of our loyal readers about free agent running backs and why Karlos Dansby is a great fit for Cincinnati and which spot he'd best be suited to...


Mailbag: Rookie Running Backs and Linebackers


Anthony Cosenza touches on a few of the hot topics that have been asked of him lately and gives his thoughts and opinions.

MAILBAG: Bengals Culture And Duke Tobin


Hey, it's another mailbag. We discuss some things like Duke Tobin possibly being a GM candidate for other teams and more on Bengals culture.

MAILBAG: More Contract Stuff, Leonard vs. Herron


You guys are great with the tweets, comments on the site and our facebook page. Make sure that you're heard and seen with our mailbag series.

Mailbag: On Atkins Contract, SD Win And Injuries


Hey, it's another mailbag. We discuss some things like Geno Atkins contract extension (more like needing one), win against the Chargers and the team adapting to injuries.

MAILBAG: On Sanu, Housh, Doug Marvin, Adam Jones


The mailbag offers quality comments and commentary from our awesome community at Cincy Jungle. This is our effort to help highlight some of that.

MAILBAG: Jason Allen, Underdogs And Andy Dalton


We bring the mailbag back from the dead, taking questions, highlighting your comments and expanding on them. Generally speaking these are the not-big issues that we explore daily.

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