NFL Power Rankings: Bengals Jump After Beating Browns

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals jumped among the power rankings that we monitor.

Our friends at SB Nation jumped the Bengals three spots in the rankings, and actually avoided talking about Andy Dalton. Wait, no nevermind. Actually, everyone talked about Andy Dalton.

The Bengals' D is missing Geno Atkins and Leon Hall something fierce, but they had enough to work an overmatched Jason Campbell and pull Andy Dalton's fat out of the fire for a crucial home win. They'll come out of their Week 12 bye hoping that Dalton can recapture some of his mid-season magic, but their gaffes against the Dolphins and Ravens probably put down any chance of a top two seed in the AFC. At least they won't have to face the Texans again. (Last Week: 11)

Pete Prisco writes:

They won a game against the Browns, but there still has to be concern about their passing game. Andy Dalton needs to get it going.


For the third straight game, the Bengals finished with a negative offensive expected points added. Andy Dalton finished with 93 passing yards Sunday, and somehow Cincy scored 41 points.

Brian Billick:

Here are some numbers to ponder. Andy Dalton, 13 for 27, 93 yards. AJ Green, two receptions, 7 yards. And not only did they win, but they scored 41 points. How is that even possible?

The art of the impossible (good and bad) has always been a proud attribute of Bengaldom.'s Elliot Harrison wrote:

The Bengals came through in a must-win matchup with the Browns. The play of Andy Dalton remains at center stage, however, and he was no great shakes Sunday, despite throwing three touchdown passes. The pick-six he served on a platter to Joe Haden was ugly. Of course, they say winning cures everything, and Cincinnati is in the driver's seat in the AFC North. Still, it's hard to look past the quarterback.

Actually, it's not. Just pretend that the offense doesn't exist and that unicorns are creatures of grace during the bloody battles between heaven and Cleveland.

My reaction to these?

The list.

SB Nation 8 11 10
ESPN 8 10 8 (Prisco) 8 10 8
Fox Sports (Billick) 10 13 11 9 9 8
Pro Football Talk 8 10 8
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