NFL Power Rankings - Week 14

Every week I take a look at all the teams and try and decide who is better than the rest.

The way the Seattle played last night makes the number 1 selection a no brainer.

The biggest drop was the Patriots at the top. They did win, but struggled against the worst team in the rankings. I had to move them down and that seemed like a good spot.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Seahawks 11-1 1 Maybe the game would be different on a neutral field, but they way they played last night, Seattle would beat any team anywhere. 1
Broncos 10-2 2 They almost have home field locked up through the playoffs. The win against KC probably settled the division, 2
Panthers 9-3 3 8 in a row and a chance at the number 2 seed next weekend. 6
Chiefs 9-3 4 I think this team is close and the outcome could be different if they played the Broncos one more time. 5
49ers 8-4 5 The top of these rankings seem to be dominated by outstanding defense. San Fran is no exception. 7
Saints 9-3 6 Held to under 200 yds they only need to face Carolina next weekend. 3
Bengals 8-4 7 Great road win against a great offense. This defense is really good. 8
Patriots 9-3 8 Did they cheat? Probably not, but they did almost lose to the Texans. 4
Eagles 7-5 9 Where in the heck did Nick Foles come from? 14
Colts 8-4 10 A big matchup this weekend for seeding purposes. Are the Colts playing well enough? 10
Cardinals 7-5 11 The Cardinals were a hot team and then ran into the recently good Eagles. 9
Cowboys 7-5 12 There is no a battle for the division that at one time no one wanted to win. 11
Lions 7-5 13 They finally won on Thanksgiving against a reeling Packers team. 12
Ravens 6-6 14 The win over the Steelers puts them in line for the wildcard. 19
Dolphins 6-6 15 On the cusp of the playoff picture the Dolphins need to get hot now. 17
Bears 6-6 16 Did anyone think Robbie Gould would struggle with that kick? 15
Steelers 5-7 17 A lot of respect lost for Mike Tomlin, and the Steelers are probably done now too. 13
Chargers 5-7 18 10 points after a 41 point performance. Was it a let down game or was the Bengals defense too much? 16
Rams 5-7 19 They need some more weapons other than Tavon Austin. 18
Giants 5-7 20 The Justin Tuck show as he had 4 sacks on the day. 22
Titans 5-7 21 Couldn't pull it out and tossed a pick when working for a tie. 21
Jets 5-7 22 It's always good when you have to bench your starting quarterback right? 20
Packers 5-6-1 23 Obviously a different team without Aaron Rodgers, but at this point would you bring him back? 23
Bills 4-8 23 This team had higher hopes on the season, but their running game is still top notch. 25
Vikings 3-8-1 25 No one has told Adrian Peterson that the Vikings are done. His fantasy owners are happy. 29
Browns 4-8 26 The Josh Gordon show ladies and gentleman. 24
Buccaneers 3-9 27 Mike Glennon finally had to face a really good defense. It showed in his production. 27
Raiders 4-8 28 Perpetually looking toward the draft… 26
Jaguars 3-9 29 3 out of the last 4, the Jaguars show some life. 31
Redskins 3-8 30 Sign I saw that made me laugh, RG3 and 8 28
Falcons 3-9 31 Roddy White shows up in a win against the Bills, but there is no hope for this team. 30
Texans 2-9 32 So this is what Ben Tate can do when healthy… 32

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