Week Three Bengals "Unsung Hero Of The Week Award"

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We honor some of the Bengals players whose contributions may have flown under the radar in the crazy week three win against the Green Bay Packers. Cast your vote and sound off on who you think this week's winner should be!

We are set to honor some of the Bengals' players whose contributions to the big win against Green Bay may have been overshadowed by other dominant performances. Earlier on Monday, we revealed some choices for the "Player of the Game", which is basically our version of an MVP award. We're using a similar platform for this award, but keep in mind that the nominees for this award are predominantly the Bengals players who weren't nominated for the MVP award.

Leon Hall: hi counterpart, Terence Newman, received much of the fanfare for his two turnovers and touchdown on Sunday, but Hall played extremely well. He was tackling well and blanketed the men he was tasked to cover. Jordy Nelson picked on Newman in the game, but Hall helped to keep all other receivers under 55 yards receiving. Did we forget to mention his clutch interception late in the game that took away points from the Packers and helped swing the momentum? Well, we did now. He had seven tackles and three passes defensed in the game.

Mohamed Sanu: Did you know that Sanu was the leading receiver on the day? He bested A.J. Green for 68 yards on four catches--two of which were big gainers. When Green was shut down early, quarterback Andy Dalton relied on Sanu to make plays and he was a key part in the opening touchdown drive.

A.J. Green: Though Green had a tough first part of the game, he made some great plays late. They found the way to get their best player the ball in the second half and he responded with yet another touchdown reception--his 21st in 34 career games. What was also great about Green on Sunday was that though he was visibly frustrated at times, he was one of the biggest celebrators during Marvin Jones' touchdown and the defense's final stand to win the game.

Taylor Mays: The lightning rod of contempt from Bengals fans has really turned things around by embracing a new role on the team. On Sunday, Mays played a little safety, a little nickel linebacker and special teams. He came up with the fumble recovery on the kickoff which would give the Bengals a 14-0 lead at the time. As I mentioned earlier, the other receivers besides Nelson didn't do all that much and the tight ends were a non-factor in the game. Though the run defense was porous, Mays helped where he could and it showed.

Vontaze Burfict: All this guy does is lead the defense and tackle ball carriers. Burfict again had double-digit tackles against the Packers with 11 and returned after another injury. He also spurred a big personal foul penalty by questionable means and consistently places his mates in the right areas. Again, it wasn't the best performance by the unit, but they created turnovers and frustrated Aaron Rodgers all afternoon. Burfict was a big part of that.

Who gets your vote for the Week Three "Unsung Hero of the Week Award"?

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