49ers vs. Packers: Nuts and Bolts

All you need to know settling into Sunday's playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers.

Saints vs. Eagles: Nuts and Bolts

All you need to know settling into Saturday's playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles.

Chiefs vs. Colts: Nuts and Bolts

All you need to know settling into Saturday's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts.

Bengals to host the Chargers in the first round

The 2013 regular season is over and the Cincinnati Bengals are beginning postseason preparations against the San Diego Chargers.

Clinching Scenarios for the Bengals and AFC

Taking a look at possible scenarios for the Cincinnati Bengals, as well as the final wild card team in the AFC.

Bengals w/ 5.9% chance of winning the Super Bowl

Football Outsiders updated their playoff odds chart, giving the Bengals the fifth-best shot at winning the Super Bowl.

Early week 17 scenarios for AFC and Bengals

Taking a look at seeding scenarios for the Bengals, Patriots and Colts in week 17. We also examine possible scenarios for the No. 6 seed, which is important because that would be Cincinnati's opponent if they finish third.

Cincinnati Bengals are 2013 AFC North Champions

Your Cincinnati Bengals are the AFC North champions!

Bengals beat the Vikings, clinch postseason berth

The Cincinnati Bengals needed a win and a loss by the Miami Dolphins for a postseason berth on Sunday. They got it with another blowout home win and a Dolphins loss to the Bills.

Clinching Scenarios for the Cincinnati Bengals

Taking a look at how the postseason picture will play out based on three critical games for the Cincinnati Bengals.


NFL Playoffs: Week 16 Clinching Scenarios

The NFL released clinching scenarios for week 16. We start with the Bengals and then work our way through the rest of the league.

Clinching scenarios for the Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals can win the AFC North championship this weekend with a little help.

Playoff Scenarios: Monday Night Football Impact

Taking a look at the Cincinnati Bengals playoff scenarios depending on Monday Night Football's game between the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions.

NFL Playoff Picture: Scenarios become complicated

The Cincinnati Bengals loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers has complicated the postseason picture.

Bengals control their own destiny w/ No. 2 seed

Thanks to the Miami Dolphins beating the New England Patriots on Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals can control their own destiny for the No. 2 seed. But it all starts against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football.

Cincinnati Bengals clinching and playoff scenarios

The Cincinnati Bengals could have a big day on Sunday. Based on how the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots game plays out, along with Bengals beating the Steelers on SNF, Cincinnati could secure a postseason berth by the end of the day.

Bengals have a shot at the first seed

The Bengals need some help, but they have a path to the first seed in the 2013 NFL playoffs.

NFL Week 15 Playoff Scenarios To Clinch

Eight NFL teams can clinch or improve their postseason seeding this weekend. Taking a look all of the NFL's clinching scenarios.

The impact of Gronk's injury for the Bengals

The New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski suffered an ACL and MCL tear on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. We look at how that impacts the Cincinnati Bengals.

Two scenarios for Bengals to clinch next week

Taking an early look at scenarios for the Cincinnati Bengals to clinch in week 15.

NFL Playoff Picture: Bengals slide into No. 3 seed

The Cincinnati Bengals took care of business at home against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Unfortunately, so did the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, if only barely.

NFL Playoff Scenarios: Bengals week 14 cheat sheet

Want to know how this weekend's game and their proposed results impact the Bengals?

Week 14 NFL Playoff Scenarios

Four teams in the AFC and two teams in the NFC can clinch postseason berths. Seattle, having already clinched a postseason berth, can clinch a first-round bye.

Bengals inch closer towards AFC North Title

Taking a look at the 2013 NFL playoff picture in the AFC and the Bengals impact.

Bengals can't improve their position

The Cincinnati Bengals will kickoff against the San Diego Chargers at 4:25 p.m. but they already know that they can't win nor lose position in the playoff picture.

Impact of Ravens 22-20 win over the Steelers

We take a look at the impact of Baltimore's 22-20 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday Night.

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