Where O' Where Could The Defensive Pass Rush Be: Breaking Down Quarterback Sacks and Hits


We spoke recently about the Bengals offensive line, during a post that talks about Andre Smith's path towards being more than a serviceable backup in the team's starting lineup. Hopefully, at...

BTN: Jermaine Gresham On Pace To Record Most Receptions By Bengals TE In 30 Years


I know it's early, but let's go behind the numbers and trudge up some things through the first three games this year. + IMPRESSIVE DEFENSE: For the second straight week, the Bengals defense are...

Cedric Benson falls to third in the league; Daniel Coats leads NFL with five drops


In the third and fourth quarter, Cedric Benson ran four times for 10 yards rushing. What? That's it. How do the Bengals take the leading rusher in the NFL and, by in large, neutralize him with the...

Carson Palmer is 6-3 when starting against Baltimore Ravens


It never stops at Cincy Jungle. We're a train. We chug. We cho-cho. It's an effort to get you, the reader, from doing what really matters. You know, like working. What's better than working?...

Carson Palmer finished with a 149.3 passer rating against the Green Bay Packers


If you include the one-yard touchdown on a quarterback sneak, the God of Golden Arms (Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer) was responsible for three touchdowns on third down. In fact, looking through...

Kevin Huber is on pace to shatter the NFL single-season record for punts inside-the-20


Lost in all the hubbub after beating the Green Bay Packers in a genocidal effort to cause all Bengals fans to have a collective heart attack, Bengals punter Kevin Huber isn't just fulfilling all of...

Around the NFL: Possible NFL milestones in 2009


One of the neat things we witness each year is that in the NFL, star players, who dominated the league, eventually pass the torch to the younger generation of players, creating dynasties, records,...

The Cincinnati Bengals are 16-31 against teams with a .500 record or better; a look at the Bengals record since 2003


I brought the topic up on Tuesday, during a statistical revelation of sorts, wondering about the Bengals' record against their competition. I wanted to know how the Bengals did against teams,...

Comparing Chad Johnson to potential Hall of Fame arguments


James Walker compares Hines Ward to the best receivers that are still active in potential hall of fame discussions. Of his chart, he compares Ward to Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and...

Carson Palmer gives the Bengals a better chance to win, but by how much?


One of the storylines this off-season, for those that splash in gallons of Kool-aid about optimistic forecasts, is the return of Carson Palmer. After spending much of 2008 injured with a bum elbow,...

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