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How will the starting lineup for the Bengals offensive line shake out?


Second-year tackle Anthony Collins could be a wild card in the offensive line musical chairs scenarios, starting at right tackle early and then left tackle later. In...

Lewis: No doubt we have to develop depth on the offensive line


So Marvin Lewis finally admitted what we've known for months now. The Bengals have to improve their offensive line. If not in free agency, then in the draft. Since the offensive tackles available...

Taking a look at the team through three preseason games


With three preseason games in the books, I wanted to take the time to review each position (in some cases, units) as we prepare this week to play the meaningless of meaningless of preseason games,...

After further review: Documenting the offensive line


At first, I thought last night's offensive problems was a total and complete failure on the offensive line to protect Carson Palmer. There's some truth to that, but not totally. After watching the...

Bengals first-team defense was actually not bad.


Offensively, the Bengals are clearly struggling. Much of it has to do with an offensive line that struggled pass blocking. But other factors include the lack of a consistent running game (while...

Saturday afternoon links and notes -- gawd, I hate lists


Site question: Sometimes we load the site with a ton of content that makes you scroll down, at times, for hours. My question to you is this, do you want the full list of our daily links and notes,...

Friday morning links and notes -- The Jurassic Line


One of the most intriguing fantasy's this training camp is moving Bobbie Williams to center, (franchise player) Stacy Andrews to right guard and (four-time Pro Bowl) Willie Anderson to right...

Offensive line is the best during the Marvin Lewis era?


Typically it takes the offense a great deal more time to grasp timing routes, blocking schemes and projecting defensive alignments for blocking assignments. Out of the gates, the defense has a leg...

Thursday morning links and notes -- Rivers will play Monday night


Marvin Lewis expects Keith Rivers to "play some" on Monday night against the Packers. Rivers' deal is apparently six years, $4 million more than Jerod May and worth $23 million if his "contract...

Bengals offensive line could be the league's best


Stacy Andrews dominated Jason Shirley during Oklahoma drills. Some are wondering if the offensive line might not be better with Bobbie Williams at center, Andrews at right guard and Willie Anderson...

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