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Bengals Announce Blackout For Home Opener Against The San Francisco 49ers


Even after beating the Cleveland Browns during the regular season opener, the Bengals announced on Saturday that ticket sales are so poor for the lead-up to the home opener, the game won't be sold...

Third Straight Game Without A Sellout: Bengals/Browns Officially Blacked Out Locally


For the past 31 years, the Bengals have never hosted a game against the Browns in which that game didn't end up being a sellout. The Battle of Ohio was always an epic affair between two teams...

No Extension Needed: Game Between Bengals And Buccaneers Is Officially Sold Out


With all of the doom from the local media presented to us that Sunday's game would unlikely sellout, thanks to the Cincinnati Reds playing their third game in the NLDS at home and a lackluster...

Bengals Close To Selling Out; Will Ask For Extension If Needed


With the Reds in the NLDS, playing the third game in the series in Cincinnati on Sunday, there's heavy speculation that the Cincinnati Bengals will be unable to sellout against the Tampa Bay...

Bengals Are "Ways Off In Trying To Reach A Sellout" Against Tampa Bay


The Cincinnati Reds will play their first playoff game this Wednesday for the first time since 15 years, playing in Philadelphia. They'll take Thursday off, play Friday and then use Saturday as a...

Bengals Preseason Game Against Denver To Be Blacked Out Locally


If you were expecting to watch the Bengals live Sunday night at 7 PM against the Denver Broncos, then be disappointed. The game did not sellout by the deadline and therefore, the NFL Network will...

Even though the Bengals sold out the opener, they still have to win the fan's trust


Selling out Sunday's game was great. Of course, it wasn't really a sellout in the traditional sense. Over 4,000 fans didn't swamp the ticket window for the season opener against the Denver Broncos....

Announcement coming regarding sellout/blackout for Sunday


Just as Fui Vakapuna and Chris Pressley agonizingly waited to be told if they made the 53-man roster -- no thanks to Marvin Lewis waiting until the last possible second so opposing teams couldn't...

Bengals granted a 24-hour extension to avoid blackout; NFL.com to show blacked-out games for free in blacked-out markets


Not long after we referenced growing support for lifting the NFL's blackout policy, it's being reported that the Cincinnati Bengals were granted a 24-hour extension. The NFL's decision to extend...

Wide-spread support from the media calling on Commissioner Roger Goodell to lift the NFL's blackout policy for a year


With two hours (as of this posting) to go before the deadline (which is 72 hours before kickoff), the Cincinnati Bengals are unlikely to sellout their season opener in time to avoid a television...

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